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Delicious comfort food made easy. No nonsense. Real Southeast Asian flavors.

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New to Southeast Asian food?

Here are 5 mouthwatering Southeast Asian recipes you have to try. #nyonyacooking

Must-Eat Food Trail in Penang

Must-Eat Food Trail in Penang

Written by Grace Teo

Penang, the Pearl of the Orient attracts tourists from close and far for its food. Penang offers food with big flavours that have generations of history.

10 Must-Try Food In Malaysia or Do Not Leave!

10 Must-Try Food In Malaysia or Do Not Leave!

Written by Grace Teo

Without a doubt, Malaysian food is beyond delicious! If you are travelling to Malaysia, Kuala Lumpur or other Malaysian cities for that instance, try a few extremely delicious dishes before leaving the country.

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Thank you for your support thus far on our PREMIUM membership <3 Thank you for believing in our work and we hope you will continue gaining valuable information as a member! After launching since Friday, we are finally a little relaxed. There were lots of debugging to do! But now, it is time for a plate of smoky and yummy Char Kuey Teow (CKT). Making a good plate of CKT when you are away from South East Asia is actually very easy. There are few tricks but they are all easily achieved! What is your favourite combination of your plate of CKT? Mine would be spicy (duh!), no si ham aka blood cockles and there must be an egg in it. #doubleeggsbetter .
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Q&A session this Sunday: Post your questions below! [Story time] You have seen the head shot of Nyonya Cooking multiple times but did you expect the outfit to be THIS?! I wanted to run away that very moment. 🤦🏻‍♀️ The set of photos were taken by a professional fashion photographer in Berlin. All of us who joined the #womensinnovationsweek got our own stylist, makeup artist and outfit. The excitement grew into fear after I saw the outfit. Then the shoes were presented AND when my make up artist said, “I think yellow eyeshadow will fit you”…..I had a 3 second pause before saying “Okay…” I really didn’t know how I will ever use the photos. 😢 Everything you see here is not me. Haha! But then I thought, sometimes I need to let loose a little to have more fun in life! Well, the photos turned out fun and bright! We used it last year when we changed our website. Since then, it has been all over our social media accounts and website. Yellow became the colour of the brand. We only use the head shot though. Cause I still cannot relate to those shoes, that outfit and make up. I’m too dull for such fun outfit! 😅 Now that we revamped the whole site, we removed the big head shot but I’m finding ways to slide my head shot into the site again. A small tiny space will do….. 😏
Have you seen our newly revamped website? Check it out at #nyonyacooking
If I have to choose one ingredient which I must have in my life, it has to be chilli! Chilli in any form please! 😉 I love my food to be spicy but not spicy till it’s painful. Not sure how it’s like with you but if I have a dollop of chilli paste (sambal) on my plate, I’d finish my meal so much quicker! Chilli makes my boring meal into a unicorn meal. 🦄 🤣 TIP: Just to be on the safe side, I always remove the seeds and the membrane of the chilli. By doing so, it will never be too spicy. Do you love chillies as much as I do? How much spice can you take? Or is pepper already too much for you? 🤷🏻‍♀️ #notjudging #takpedastakjalan
Time for another recipe on Instagram! [I have a Q below] The sun is finally out in Germany. The grill stations will be out soon. Guess what will I be prepping soon? Grilled soy sauce honey chicken wings yo, just like at KL‘s glutton street! Pour the sauces in a bowl, mix all ingredients and coat the chicken wings with all the goodness. Yes, that’s the summary of the full recipe. It’s really THAT simple. If you don’t have a grill, bake them in the oven. Works marvellously too! #nyonyacooking #recipeonwebsite #grillenmitfreunden #grillen
Do you follow @nyonyacooking on Instagram for the recipes/food or do you want to see more behind the scenes? Let me know!
Happy Tuesday everyone! How is your week so far? I‘m rushing for time to finish up everything in my to-do list, just so we get to release our announcement soon. Lots of work, more than expected for sure! At times like this, I’m always tempted to eat out because the thought of chopping, cleaning and cooking is daunting! Let’s be honest, have you been cooking lately? Because there are 10 minutes recipes like this - Assam Prawns. Traditionally, a typical Peranakan recipe. Prawns cook fast and you really don’t need much ingredients. Hopefully this recipe will help you to reach your goal to achieve a healthier lifestyle because cooking can be very easy! #makan #makanmakan
When I started Nyonya Cooking, I only looked for one criteria - what do I feel like eating during the weekend? It has always been like that because I will always be craving for a dish/dessert/cake/drink/etc which reminds me of home. Fried banana balls or as I know it, #cekodok is one of them. .
It is a type of kuih made out of bananas. Imagine balls of banana cake (denser) but instead of baking, it is deep fried! So delicious! Cekodok has always been a childhood treat especially for breakfast. Whenever my parents get us Nasi Lemak for breakfast, I often peep into the other bags to find if there will be Cekodok! If there is Cekodok, my day is complete. Now, as I enjoy this kuih in Germany, I close my eyes to think about those wonderful Cekodok times 💛 What are you #cedodokmoments? Share them here 👇 #nyonyacooking .
Speaking of a recipe which brings back memories? I’ll have something new soon. The recipe will definitely make you crave for it if you’ve frequented Chinatown, Kuala Lumpur. Get it through the newsletter!
Nyonya Cooking: The recipe website for Southeast Asian comfort food.

Since November 2012, Nyonya Cooking has been providing free Southeast Asian recipes through a food blog and a Southeast Asian cooking channel on YouTube. On Nyonya Cooking, you can find easy Southeast Asian recipes, healthy Southeast Asian recipes and authentic Southeast Asian recipes. The recipes and the information are curated for those of you who love Southeast Asian cuisine, be it Chinese food, Indian food, Malaysian food, Singaporean food, Indonesian food, Vietnamese food and many more!

Why trust Nyonya Cooking?

Nyonya Cooking started off on YouTube delivering recipes with step-by-step video instructions. The Nyonya Cooking YouTube channel has over 170,000 subscribers and even more viewers from around the world. The recipes on Nyonya Cooking are accompanied with instructions which are available as print-out recipes or recipe videos. Nyonya Cooking enjoys a high reputation among its viewers who want to replicate the authentic Southeast Asian taste in their own kitchen.

What are the types of Southeast Asian cooking recipes available on Nyonya Cooking?

Authentic Southeast Asian recipes and comfort food recipes are available on Nyonya Cooking to help you find day-to-day Southeast Asian lunch recipe ideas and Southeast Asian dinner recipe ideas. Healthy Southeast Asian recipes which use superfood ingredients can also be found here. Other categories available are Southeast Asian chicken recipes, Southeast Asian soup recipes, Southeast Asian noodle recipes and Southeast Asian vegetarian recipes. Nyonya Cooking also specialises in Malaysian food and Singaporean food. You can find many tips on traditional Malaysian cuisine and authentic Malaysian cuisine.