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Penang Prawn Mee
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Nyonya Chicken Curry Puff
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Used chicken fillet and reduced soya bean paste to 1 tablespoon.
My picky grandchild liked it
Will cook again
I skipped Step 3----omitted the rice thickening agent and curry was still thick
I did sep 1, 2 and 4 the day before as curry taste better the next day
Recipe is a keeper but I prefer a more sourish curry.  I added some japanese sour plums that were in my fridge.
Will use this reipe again and again.  Thanks
Mutton curry to end the extra weekend. Just moved in a new house for two weeks now. Hubs away and on duty for his second week at work. I usually didnt do much hassle in the kitchen when i’m all by myself. But today i did pressure cooked this mutton curry waited fot it to tender for quite a bit and wallah! Good job mommy! Just don’t do this much often you’ll gain couple of inches by the end of the year.  😆😆
Chicken palak
Smells good~!!
My first attempt at Beef Rendang served with yoghurt and mint, and crushed peanuts. Hint - remove the seeds from the fresh chilli. I added peas, tumeric and raisins to the rice.
Very yummy, love it
Made wonton noodles yesterday because I had leftover dumpling fillings that I made the day before. Didn't have time to make char siu but I had leftover chicken from the chicken stock I made to make the dumpling soup so... here they are!
This was REALLY GOOD. the kids declared this to be the best chicken I’ve ever made. I’m surprised at the great flavors considering the simple ingredients. 
One note. I cooked 2 lbs of drumsticks for my family of 5 + leftovers. It took over two hours to steam!!! Maybe my chicken was too cold. We also live at high altitude. I’ll be making it again though!
Craved for some wonton noodles and I had to make this again!
Cooked without Tao pok. But with cinnamon and star anise, the dish is so fragrant and Tasty and goes well with a bowl of piping hot rice ! Thanks Grace for the recipe!

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