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Penang Prawn Mee
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This was REALLY GOOD. the kids declared this to be the best chicken I’ve ever made. I’m surprised at the great flavors considering the simple ingredients. 
One note. I cooked 2 lbs of drumsticks for my family of 5 + leftovers. It took over two hours to steam!!! Maybe my chicken was too cold. We also live at high altitude. I’ll be making it again though!
Craved for some wonton noodles and I had to make this again!
Cooked without Tao pok. But with cinnamon and star anise, the dish is so fragrant and Tasty and goes well with a bowl of piping hot rice ! Thanks Grace for the recipe!
As I've lived in KL for 20 years in the past, this food has been on the top of my list everytime I visited KL. Now I don't have to wait that long pause in between visits for this. And my family gave it a 4-star rating 😁. Thanks Grace!
My take on the recipe.
Another delicious fish recipe!! This was a favorite. I didn’t add the chilies and raw ginger because it would’ve been too much for the kids. Thank for the recipe!!!!!
Realllly delicious. The whole family loved it, even the boy who doesn’t enjoy fish. Thanks for the recipe!!! For the size of my fish, steaming a total of 10 min instead of twelve would’ve been better.
Cucur Udang mamak! Another recipe fm Grace. I added shredded green n red chillies fried shallots instead of fresh shallot! A gd snack during weekend n enjoy it wit your love ones! So easy! A must try!
Grace’s recipe is easy to adapt and modified with more veggie and Tao ! 😊😋
Long Ph in sin... Great! I bake Banana cake... Crispy outside, inner moist, smell of the fresh banana... Just in time for Tea break! Cup of coffee with this Banana cake... Its just so heavenly! Tks grace but I add a little Vanilla essence n extra Banana!
Decided to have some fun in the kitchen with this new recipe from Nyonya Cooking - I love turmeric, especially when cooked with seafood, but this dish turned out a lot better than I had expected! Thanks Grace for sharing this recipe!
Thanks Grace for the recipe!

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