The People at Nyonya Cooking

Technology and food are the core of our business. We aim to make each user experience fun and authentic. Our team works around the globe and dedicates countless hours to help you cook better.


Grace, Founder

Grace loves food from around the world, curries being her favourite. As a self-learned home cook, she enjoys researching the ingredients and techniques of cooking. She aims to find the best way to recreate dishes in a modern kitchen. Her favourite ingredient to work with is belacan (shrimp paste) which adds a delicious savoury flavour to dishes. Unfortunately, it is often misunderstood due to its pungent smell.


Emie, Recipe Creator

Emie is a Registered Nutritionist Dietitian who is a foodie at heart. She started cooking for her family at a young age helping out in the family’s business which served burger patties, baked goods and some dim sum selections. Today, they only specialize in delicious steamed buns. This, along with the knowledge she acquired from books and TV, she became a great cook who makes both classic dishes and those with exciting twists.


Emily, Recipe Creator

Emily‘s main role is a mom to two beautiful daughters. They are her source of inspiration when it comes to their daily menu. Baking and cooking come naturally to her. Her specialities are typical kampung (traditional village) dishes. When she is not cooking, she derives great pleasure in reading with a cup of bubble tea at hand.


Karin, Recipe Creator

Growing up in a family who is in the F&B industry, Karin’s talent in making good food is in her DNA. As a graduate in Baking Science & Technology, she has the opportunities of working in hotels and bakeries. Since then, she fell in love perfecting the aesthetics of her food. Karin thrives in her element of making tasty food looks delicious, whetting your appetite through her photos and videos.


Mira, Community Happiness Manager

As a child, Mira has always been her grandma’s food tester. She has wonderful memories of listening to her grandma while food was being prepared. That probably explains why Mira enjoys learning more about each dish because to her, every plate or bowl of food tells a story. Combining her love for grocery shopping and food, she has the knack for engaging the greater crowd through her scrumptious food story-telling.