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The first hungry tummy of Nyonya Cooking. Self-taught homecook living in Germany, from Malaysia!

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This was so easy to make and really delicious. I love the use of butter instead of margarine. Adien was right, the dish was fragrant. Will be adding the dish to my quick lunch rotation.
This recipe was so easy to make! I used ca. 300g of mutton. Enough for 4. Pictured is the dish for 2. Of course, the curry was marvellous with white rice. Thank you, Fazrin!
Craved for some wonton noodles and I had to make this again!
Cooked during Facebook LIVE
Shakshuka for brunch. A Mediterranean dish with my favourite ingredients: tomatoes, cumin, chilli powder!
Made nasi lemak for a friend who visited 😎
Ultimate comfort food 😘
Gojuchang chicken bowl. With lots of greens and mashed boiled egg. Super yummy and quick!
Instead of water spinach/kangkung, use asparagus.
Lemon chicken, one of my tai chau/zi char favourite dishes
Caramelized pork with palm sugar, shrimp paste fried rice and lots of fresh herbs.
Yee mee in easy broth - anchovies, onion, carrot and a pinch of salt. Sooooo good!
Used less dhal. Still works great!
Reusing the recipe ;)
Sizzling Japanese Tofu for dinner