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Grace moves to Germany to start her journey of food discovery.

That is what Nyonya Cooking is all about! I’m Grace, a Malaysian who founded Nyonya Cooking.

Nyonya Cooking shares written recipe instructions and video instructions to make recipes quick to follow. Our step-by-step instructions are helping tens of thousands of busy parents, students and professionals around the world every day.

The aim is to always provide you with easy to understand recipes, the quickest instructions and a list of ingredients with the best substitutes. You can cook these dishes in any part of the world!

How Nyonya Cooking started

I moved from Malaysia to Germany in March 2011 to continue to build my career in Finance and IT. On the sidelines, I started the “Nyonya Cooking” YouTube channel. Over the years, Nyonya Cooking shared numerous recipes and recreated the authentic taste that many love.

What kind of recipes can I find here?

Recipes of Southeast Asia’s most delicious food! We only share recipes that the community really loves. You will get Malaysian recipes, Chinese recipes, Indian recipes, Japanese recipes, Vietnamese recipes, and fusion Southeast Asian cuisine such as the Peranakan Cuisine.

All of the recipes have been tried and tested before we put them up for you to recreate. It would not be approved by Nyonya Cooking if it’s not good enough. As we live in Europe, we love sharing recipes of trending foods which are popular in Asia but not available in Europe just so we could still get to enjoy the delicious food.

What is “Nyonya”?

Nyonya is a term for the female descendants of a Chinese ethnic group who relocated to the Malay archipelago in the 15th century. I am a Peranakan descendant (Nyonya). Hence, Nyonya Cooking.

Food Principles of Nyonya Cooking

Cook with fresh and regional ingredients.

I believe in enjoying food that is prepared with nutritious, fresh and regional ingredients. Fresh ingredients like meat, eggs, vegetables and fruits from local farmers are important.

Reduce harmful ingredients.

We need to be conscious of the ingredients we consume. Small efforts such as using less salt, oil and especially sugar will be beneficial in the long run. Indulge in cravings but go easy on them.

Avoid food waste.

We always cook food freshly and do not like to store food overnight. We almost never throw away leftover food. Portioning our meals according to our appetite and planning meals in advance by understanding the consumption in the family is helpful.

Do these principles resonate with your values?

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