Nyonya Cooking is a community of home cooks sharing recipes from Southeast Asian homes. We cook because we care, and help you eat better and smarter with step-by-step cooking techniques and ingredient knowledge.

Our Promise to You

Every single piece of content produced is well thought through. Recipes are kept as authentic as possible, just like how we’ve tasted them growing up. The instructions are all described in the simplest and easiest manner for you.

We at Nyonya Cooking are strong believers in quality dining and kitchen tools because they have the closest contact with our food shortly before we consume it. Every product recommendation has been carefully vetted before appearing on this platform so you can make the right buying decisions whenever you need to upgrade your kitchenware.

Our Manifesto

To all of us who are obsessed with food and its memories. We constantly find better ways to cook real food with the freshest ingredients. We are the warrior in our kitchen to experiment with recipes and ingredients. While others may think it is a waste of time, we know it is best for us and our loved ones. To those who appreciate and respect food, the people who prepare it, and its culture, you deserve the best because life is too short to settle with bad food.

Nyonya Cooking’s Food Principles

Fresh and regional ingredients.

We believe in enjoying food that’s prepared with nutritious, fresh and regional ingredients. Fresh ingredients like meat, eggs, vegetables and fruits from local farmers are important.

Reduce harmful ingredients.

We need to be conscious of the ingredients we consume. Small efforts such as using less salt, oil and especially sugar will be beneficial in the long run. Indulge in cravings but go easy on them.

Avoid food waste.

We always cook food freshly and do not like to store food overnight. We almost never throw away leftover food. Portioning our meals according to our appetite and planning meals in advance by understanding the consumption in the family is helpful.

Our Name

Nyonya is a term for the female descendants of a Chinese ethnic group who relocated to the Malay archipelago in the 15th century. Founder Grace Teo is a Peranakan descendant (Nyonya). Hence, Nyonya Cooking was launched to first share her cravings from home when she moved to Germany in 2011.

Today, Nyonya Cooking proudly helps people around the world to satisfy their cravings with recipes they love.