Meat dishes in Southeast Asia have deep flavours. Whether it’s an easy stir-fry dish for a weeknight or a pot of tender rendang which have been cooked for hours, we have you covered. Recipes are guaranteed to show you the best kitchen tricks for tasty dishes to go with rice.

The meat dishes in Southeast Asia have a combination of influences from Chinese, Indian, Arabic, Malay and European cuisines. Historically, countries like Indonesia, Malaysia and Singapore were colonies of European nations. Thanks to their trading activities, spices from other countries became a staple to the local communities. Each community has its own meat speciality dishes. It doesn’t matter if you enjoy spicy meat dishes or want something easy to the tummy, there is always something for everyone!

These meat dishes are to be enjoyed with steamed white rice or any types of grains. The cooking techniques used in Southeast Asia is similar to other Asian cuisines.


Requires long hours to get the best flavours. The complexity of the dish is usually at the beginning of the recipe but it gets easy as it goes on. The dish is kept simmering until it is done. An example would be the famous Beef Rendang dish. Bold and complicated taste, making savouring rendang an experience on its own.


Stir-fry dishes are the heart of most Chinese influenced dishes. They are fast and easy with few ingredients. Often a one pan dish with various vegetables and meat of your choice, they are great for weeknight dinner, after a long day! Kung Pao Chicken is a wonderful stir fry dish loved by many for its tangy gravy and all the different types of ingredients in one dish.


Grilled meat dishes are not only loved for special events like picnics or parties. They could be a delicious accompanying dish with rice or sometimes eaten as an appetizer, just like how it is enjoyed in Southeast Asia. The favourite Grilled Honey Soy Sauce Chicken Wings fit the exact description here. Sold as street food in Southeast Asia, you can easily make them at home in two steps — marinate and grill.


Steaming is a common cooking and heating method in many Southeast Asian households. No steaming appliances are required here. A simple pot with its lid on, that’s all you’ll need! The popular Steamed Chicken With Goji Berries recipe is a dish many have tried and tested. Their feedback was overwhelmingly good for its quick preparation time and easy steps.