Foolproof Pineapple Tarts

Foolproof Pineapple Tarts

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Here's the BEST and EASIEST recipe for crumbly and melt-in-your-mouth pineapple tarts that are well-loved in Singapore, Malaysia and Indonesia. The enclosed buttery goodness that surrounds the tangy pineapple jam creates a match made in heaven. Simply amazing!

Preparation 30 mins
Cooking 20 mins


Tat Nenas Gulung, Nastar, 黄梨挞, 凤梨挞

Malaysian, Singaporean, Indonesian

Nutrition per Serving

81 kcal
11 g
4 g
1 g

Pineapple tarts by my mother is the best buttery, crumbly and melt-in-your-mouth version out there! She makes them every year and they are always the highlight at my home. Making these enclosed pineapple tarts may take a little more time but it's always so fun as the whole family is helping out with the process.

This recipe VS Nyonya pineapple tarts

Pineapple tarts come in many different shapes and sizes. Of course, there is also a difference in texture. The traditional Peranakan/Nyonya pineapple tarts we had previously shared is the type which is mainly found in the state of Malacca.

The pineapple tarts in this recipe is much more delicate as the dough contains butter and corn flour. Both ingredients make the dough softer and more crumbly. If you prefer the shortbread-like texture, the Peranakan/Nyonya pineapple tarts is the one for you. However, for a softer pastry, read and bake on!

Can only butter be used?

Of course! Butter does wonders to the mouthfeel because of its milk fat as it melts at a lower temperature compared to margarine which contains palm oil. While some may prefer the flavour of margarine, using it alone doesn't yield the same mouthfeel compared to when using butter. Some may even complained that margarine leaves a waxy feeling on their palate. Hence, using the recommended ratio helps with the taste and texture.

Where to buy pineapple jam?

Pineapple jam used for these tarts are usually sold in baking supply stores within Malaysia, Singapore, Indonesia or Taiwan especially when the festivities are approaching. They are rarely sold in other countries but you can make them using fresh or canned pineapples. Refer to the recipe here.

The jam should not be confused with the bread spread type of jam as it is not possible to shape.

Pineapple tart mould

The mould is usually sold in baking supply stores. If you are living in Australia, Europe or the US, try Amazon. Look out for the mould with a jagged pattern.

Pineapple Tart Mould
Pineapple Tart Mould

Why does the dough crack after baking?

It's important to have sufficient dough wrapping the pineapple jam. During the baking process, the dough will expand and if there isn't enough dough to seal them together, the jam will be left directly exposed when baking.

When the dough fully wraps the jam, it should look like the tart on the left. Having too little dough will result in a tart like what's on the right.

Pineapple Tart Seam
Pineapple Tart Seam

Never leave dough in the open

Shaping the dough can take a bit of time. Therefore, it's very important to work in batches and never leave the dough exposed to prevent it from drying. Cover the dough with a clean damp kitchen cloth instead.

Cover Dough to Avoid Drying
Cover Dough to Avoid Drying

The perfect egg wash

Egg wash is brushed on top of the tarts for the extra golden shine. To make the perfect egg wash, a pinch of salt must be added to the mixture as it helps break the egg protein and yields in a more even wash. Using milk instead of water encourages browning during baking. That's exactly the colour we would like to achieve on each tart.

Ingredients for decoration

Sprinkling additional ingredients on top of the tarts after brushing egg wash improves the aesthetics of the tarts and sometimes, giving a very light hint of savouriness which goes very well together with the sweetness of the tarts. Suggested toppings are poppy seeds, Parmesan cheese or dried herbs such as parsley or basil.

Poppy Seeds Pineapple
Poppy Seeds Pineapple

Tips to store pineapple tarts

Storing pineapple tarts are easy. To prevent them from turning mouldy, ensure that they have fully cooled to room temperature before stacking them in an air-tight container. Put the containers away from direct sunlight and they should last for about 1.5 months. Refrigerating them helps to extend the shelf life for up to 3 months. If you are keeping the cookies for so long, ensure to check if there is any mould before consumption. Anyway, I bet they will be long gone before that happens!


600 g
pineapple jam
200 g
unsalted butter
100 g
90 g
sugar (powdered)
2 g
egg yolk(s)
380 g
all-purpose flour
80 g
corn flour
10 g
milk powder
10 g
1⁄5 tsp

Steps to Prepare

Foolproof Pineapple Tarts Step 1

Step 1 of 5

    • 600 g pineapple jam

Scoop 8 grams of pineapple jam and roll it into an oblong shape. Continue shaping the pineapple jam until finished. Place the rolled jam pieces into the refrigerator.

Foolproof Pineapple Tarts Step 2

Step 2 of 5

    • 200 g unsalted butter
    • 100 g margarine
    • 90 g sugar (powdered)
    • 2 g salt
    • 2 egg yolk(s)

In a mixing bowl, cream the butter, margarine, icing sugar and salt for about 3 minutes. The colour of the butter and margarine should turn pale once done. Then, add in egg yolks and mix for another minute.

Foolproof Pineapple Tarts Step 3

Step 3 of 5

    • 380 g all-purpose flour
    • 80 g corn flour
    • 10 g milk powder

To the mixing bowl, pour flour, corn starch and milk powder until all ingredients are fully incorporated. The pastry dough should not be too dry nor wet. Add a bit of butter if the dough is too dry. Otherwise, add some flour if the dough is too wet.

Foolproof Pineapple Tarts Step 4

Step 4 of 5

Pipe the dough through the mould to a length of 7 cm each. Place the pineapple jam onto each piped dough leaving 1 cm at the top. This helps the dough to roll easily to wrap the jam. When the jam is fully wrapped, cut off the excess dough making sure to seal it by lightly by pressing the ends of the dough together. Bake the tarts with the seam side on the bottom.

Foolproof Pineapple Tarts Step 5

Step 5 of 5

    • 2 egg yolk(s)
    • 10 g milk
    • 1⁄5 tsp salt

Once dough is halfway used up, preheat the oven at 180 degrees Celsius. When all the shaped jam pieces are covered with the pastry, brush some egg wash glaze made by combining the egg yolks, milk and salt. Bake them for 20 minutes.

Published: January 22, 2020

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9 months ago


The German Potato Cookies by now have all gone and the people of Harrisdale Kitchen are starving of insufficient snacks. Not too worry, I thought because Nyonya Cooking has yet another “cookie” in store – Foolproof Pineapple Tarts, but to my horror I do not have the pineapple tart mould which I had thought I had! Looked at Amazon but not available, looked at ebay; they have one :). Ordered the mould from them for AUD18.95, but it is due to arrive by February or March 2020. While waiting, the culinary journey continues...

9 months ago

Mira - Community Happiness Manager

Can't wait to see your pineapple tarts!

9 months ago


Can't wait for the pineapple tart mould to come. It would be one of those must to have tart - easy to make, good to eat; it's a classic. Meanwhile, just wait :)

3 months ago


These came out perfect on the first try! I didn't want to wait for a mould to arrive so I shaped the dough myself - I recommend rolling it out, slicing it into strips, and lightly scoring the strips with a butter knife.

3 months ago

Karin Yap

great idea! improvisation is the way to go! thanks for giving the recipe a go, Gene!

3 months ago

Cindy Lo

Is it ok if I make the dough the night before, then use it the next day? Will it be ok to stay in the fridge without drying out?

3 months ago

Karin Yap

Hey Cindy! i havent tried it myself but i think it would actually dry out. they dry out pretty quickly at room temp too. So, definitely recommend making the dough on that day itself.

3 months ago

Cindy Lo

Hi Karin, I didn't have enough time on the day, so was forced to store it overnight in the fridge. I was scared of drying the dough, so I like literally wrapped it in cling wrap, then covered with damp cloth and placed it in a freezer bag, and then in a zip lock bag LOLOL Surprise surpise the dough was still in awesome texture the next evening (after being in the fridge for more than 18hrs...). The outcome of tarts were still melting in your mouth. I'm so happy with them. Thanks so much for the recipe!!!!

3 months ago

Karin Yap

WOAH WOAHHH WOAHHHH the amount of layers ahhahaha! and happy that they turned out great for you! Also, thank you for sharing your experience! It's a great tip for people who don't have enough time to make them. THANK YOUUUUU, CINDY! <3

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