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ABC Vegetables Soup

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ABC Vegetables Soup



Total Time
Total Time
Prep 20 M / Cook 01 H 40 M

4 Servings

Grace Teo
Grace Teo   thegraceteo
Published on October 20, 2012

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yellow onion(s)  
chicken drumstick(s)
corn (maize)
2.5 l


ABC soup is just one of the many nutritious Chinese soups many families enjoy. It consists of a number of vegetables like carrots, tomatoes, maize, potatoes and onions. To get the most of the nutritional values out of these vegetables, it is simmered under low heat for a long period of time. Do not worry that the vegetables might be mushy when the soup is ready. Only the onions would be extremely soft.

Vegetarian ABC Soup

While such soups usually use pork or chicken as the base, my mother loves using anchovies. A little bit of anchovies go a long way. The saltiness from the anchovies makes the soup extremely tasty. In the recent years, however, my mother began cooking a vegetarian version of the ABC soup. She puts more onions into the soup to add sweetness and sometimes maize or beetroot to enhance the flavour. If you are feeling adventurous, a celery stalk can also make a great difference to the soup.

Using slow cooker

As the name suggests, preparing this soup is as easy as ABC! In this video, I allowed the soup to boil before reducing the heat to let it simmers for 1.5 hours. However, cooking soups using the slow cooker makes it even easier. It is recommended to cook the soup for 6-8 hours on low heat to allow the vegetables to slowly release their nutrients. Otherwise, cook at high heat for 3-4 hours. It's that simple. There should not be any excuse to stop you from cooking this wholesome and marvelous soup to go with your meals.

ABC soup for babies

Many of us grew up drinking this soup. For babies, you may want to avoid serving this soup as it contains tomatoes. The acidity from tomatoes may be harmful to babies' tummies. Hence, it's better to wait until they are at least 10-12 months before preparing ABC soup. This soup is a favourite among parents because of the multiple vitamins it contains. Blending the vegetables into a smooth puree will make it easier for ingestion. Just remember to remove any traces of bones.

Enjoy the soup as a side dish with rice or just have it as it is. A hot bowl of soup on a cold winter day would keep you warm and comfortable. I enjoy having slow cooked soup not only because of its deliciousness but also for the comfort it gives and the wonderful memories of growing up it evokes .

ABC Vegetables Soup is also known as: 罗宋汤


Remove the skin of potato and tomato

Step 1/3

Remove the skin of potato and tomato
  • 1 tomato(es)
  • 1 potatoes

Score the skin of the tomato and potato. Put them into a pot of boiling water. After one minute, put them into a bowl of cold water. This will "shock" them and the skin would then be easily removed. Otherwise, using a spoon would help too.

Cut ingredients into chunks

Step 2/3

Cut ingredients into chunks
  • 1 yellow onion(s)  
  • 1 carrot(s)
  • 2 chicken drumstick(s)
  • 0.5 corn (maize)

Cut all vegetables into chunks or slices, according to your preference. Optionally, remove the skin of the drumstick.

Boil soup

Step 3/3

Boil soup
  • 2.5 l water
  • salt
  • pepper

Put all ingredients into a pot of boiling water. Then, let it simmer at low heat for 2-3 hours or for a minimum of 1.5 hours. Add salt and pepper to taste.

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