Chieng Hui Jiun

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accidentally used dark soy sauce but is still great!
Remind me of Chinese New Year
wish there is a fruit ninja to cut the fruits and vege haha
I love nyonya kuih
I don't usually like to deep-fry food as the whole kitchen will get oily, but I can't resist this!
the first dish I have ever cooked for my husband when I met him, thats how I get his heart i guess lol thanks a lot Grace!
drooling just by looking at it... thanks Grace for making us this during KL meet up 2018 it was so nice... I have made this many times also and the picture shown is my first time making it in 2013 lol
feel like dancing cha cha after having this haha
this soup is so heart-warming especially during cold weather. thanks Grace for introducing this!
my heart go sha lala lala
as easy as ABC
my cup of tea
Rendang, why are you so delicious?
ahhh so refreshing... i should make another one!
this goes so well with rice!
crunchy long bean dish
made this using my aunt's homemade cincalok. yummy!
First time cooking a whole big fish myself, thanks Grace!
Seafood and fruit dish, interesting and appetizing!
seafood and vege 2-in-1 dish, i like it!
added a lettuce as a base and for decoration, nice to look at and nice to eat too! haha
My first time cooking using asam. yum yum
Easy and simple vege dish!
I cooked this at 12am midnight with a vietnamese friend in hostel for supper... finger-licking good haha