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Winter Melon Soup

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Winter Melon Soup



Total Time
Total Time
Prep 10 M / Cook 01 H 40 M

2 Servings

Grace Teo
Grace Teo   thegraceteo
Published on November 7, 2014

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winter melon (fresh)
120 g
1 cm
300 ml
2.5 l
1 tbsp
goji berries
honey date(s)
red dates  


Winter melon soup is one of the most popular Chinese soups. Slow cooked Chinese soups are known to be very nutritious. Good recipe to try out especially for those who are health conscious. Have this bowl of soup as it is or have it to accompany a typical Southeast Asian meal.

Benefits of winter melon soup

Winter melon is very nutritious according to traditional Chinese medicine. It is by nature used to help cool down. Winter melon is also meant to be good for the bladder, lungs large intestine and small intestine. Hence, it helps to reduce phlegm or improve urinary problems. Also, it is also low in calories.

What does winter melon taste like?

Winter melon is very neutral in taste. Therefore, it depends on the other ingredients which are cooked along with it. Winter melon absorbs and enhances the flavours of other ingredients well.

How to peel winter melon?

Remove the seeds of winter melon, Using a peeler or knife, remove the skin of winter melon because it is thick and hard due to its waxy surface. Even after cooking, the skin will still remain tough.

Substitute for pork in winter melon soup

Just like any other Chinese soup, you may substitute pork with chicken or anchovies. I especially like this soup cooked with pork, though. The sweetness from the carrots and honey date makes this soup even more yummy.

Using slow cooker

In this video, I allowed the soup to boil before reducing the heat to let it simmers for 1.5 hours. However, cooking soups using the slow cooker makes it even easier. It is recommended to cook the soup for 6-8 hours on low heat to allow the vegetables to slowly release their nutrients. Otherwise, cook at high heat for 3-4 hours. It's that simple.

Winter Melon Soup is also known as: Bone Broth Soup



Step 1/4

  • winter melon (fresh)
  • carrot(s)

Remove seeds from winter melon and cut into cubes. Cut carrots into smaller pieces.


Step 2/4

  • 120 g pork
  • 1 cm ginger
  • 300 ml water

Bring water to rolling boil. Then, blanch pork boiling water together with the ginger slices. When water begins to boil again, remove pork.


Step 3/4

  • 2.5 l water
  • 1 tbsp goji berries
  • 1 honey date(s)
  • 5 red dates  

In a clean pot, add water and allow it to boil. Add pork, goji berries, carrots, honey date and red dates once the water boils. Allow the soup to simmer at low heat for 70 minutes.


Step 4/4

Finally, add winter melon and allow soup to continue simmering for another 20 minutes.

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