Pandan Fried Chicken

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Amazing fried chicken meat marinated with lots of aromatic spices and wrapped in fragrant pandan leaves. Its alluring fragrance and delicious flavour will keep you mesmerized.

Preparation 30 mins
Cooking 30 mins


Ayam Pandan, Gai Hor Bai Toey, ไก่ห่อใบเตย

Malaysian, Singaporean, Thai, Indonesian, Bruneian


1 shallot(s)
1 lemongrass stalk(s)
1 tsp fennel seeds
250 g chicken meat
1 tsp turmeric powder
1 tsp chilli powder
1 tbsp oyster sauce
pandan leaves
300 ml oil

Nutrition per Serving

216 kcal
5 g
15 g
14 g

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This is how mine looked like after unwrapping the pandan leaves 😊
Smells great! Love this dish a lot but wondering how do I make it even crispier?
Thanks Grace for the recipe!
Used bigger width of pandan. Wrapping seems easier.
It is not as easy to wrap as I thought. You did it so simple. You are great. Yippeee~
Really yummy and easy to do it
Last week i made this Pandan Fried Chicken with Sweet Thai Cili Sauce . It was awesome!! Will make it again. Thank you for all your videos:)
Using Household Wet n Dry Spices.  Easy to follow instructions from Grace As Always.   Wrapping part needs Prarie.
Hello Grace, thank you for the recipe it was really tasty I can't wait to cook it again!!


Pandan fried chicken is a favourite to many. The secret to the alluring aroma of the dish is none other than pandan leaves, also known as screw pine leaves which are used to wrap them. Pandan leaves are usually used to add aroma to a dish or as a natural colouring agent to cakes and many Southeast Asian desserts.

In this dish, it is used for its fragrance. You can immediately smell the intensity of the fragrance while frying the chicken. The meat soaks up the nutty sweet pandan smell as it blends in with the spices used in the marinade.

How to wrap the chicken pieces?

If you are wondering how to wrap the chicken pieces, check out the video recipe above. You can either tie the chicken pieces with pandan leaves or secure it with the help of toothpicks. That way, less pandan leaves are used.

Baked or grilled pandan chicken

Pandan chicken can be baked in the oven or grilled instead of being fried. Pre-heat the oven to 180 degrees Celsius. Bake the chicken pieces wrapped in pandan leaves for about 40 minutes. Remember to leave some space between the chicken pieces before baking.

How long should the chicken pieces be marinated?

At least 30 minutes. Of course, it would taste better if they are left to marinate overnight as the taste would be more intense then.

Freeze pandan chicken for later use

Pandan chicken is a freezer friendly recipe. Marinate the chicken pieces before wrapping them with pandan leaves. They can be stored in the freezer for later use.

Dipping sauce for pandan chicken

You can, of course, enjoy this dish without any accompaniment. The chicken meat is already extremely flavourful due to the marinade. However, if you dip it into some sweet Thai chilli sauce, the taste of this dish goes a notch higher. Tangy, sourish, spicy and sweet along with the aromatic fragrance of the pandan leaves, it will definitely gain a place in your heart.

Try out this recipe. Great for parties served as finger food or simply enjoy it with hot white rice. Remember to also check out the recipe for the dip, sweet chilli sauce.

Steps to Prepare

Pandan Fried Chicken Step 1

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Blend shallots, lemongrass and fennel seeds together. Marinate chicken meat with blended ingredients, turmeric, chilli powder, oyster sauce, salt and sugar for at least 30 minutes. Ideally, marinate chicken meat and leave overnight.

Pandan Fried Chicken Step 2

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Wrap marinated chicken meat with pandan leaves.

Pandan Fried Chicken Step 3

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    • 300 ml oil

Fry chicken meat until golden brown. Serve with sweet Thai chilli sauce.

Published: April 30, 2016

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