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Nyonya Coconut Milk Dessert

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Nyonya Coconut Milk Dessert


Total Time
Total Time
Prep 10 M / Cook 50 M

4 Servings

Grace Teo
Grace Teo   thegraceteo
Published on April 3, 2013

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140 g
140 g
sweet potato(es)
40 g
50 ml
80 g
tapioca flour
160 g
250 g
coconut milk
pandan leaves
food coloring


Looking at a bowl of colourful dessert like “bo bo (bubur) cha cha” makes me feel so delighted! Basically, this dessert is made up of sweet potatoes and taro which are then cooked in coconut milk. This delicacy can be served warm or chilled.

The preparation for bo bo cha cha is rather simple. The only daunting step is to prepare the tapioca jellies. They look really pretty, like stained glass. Many commented that these tapioca jellies did not turn out too well. The trick to preparing the jellies is to use really hot water. The water has to be boiling hot!

As for cooking the sago, ensure that enough of water is used to prevent them from sticking together. The ratio of water to sago should be 3 to 1. Keep stirring the sago as you cook them.

Banana slices add an extra punch to this dessert. This is optional. Some prefer to keep this dessert as simple as possible with just some taro and sweet potatoes. However, it is no harm being more creative. You will love the result.

Nyonya Coconut Milk Dessert is also known as: Bo Bo Cha ChaBubur Cha Cha摩摩喳喳



Step 1/6

To prepare the tapioca jelly, create a dough by adding water to the tapioca flour. The water has to be boiling hot or else the flour would not form a dough.


Step 2/6

Divide the dough into two portions and add red and green colouring separately. Flatten the doughs and cut them into smaller pieces. Boil the pieces of dough until they turn translucent. Once cooked, put them into a bowl of cold water to prevent them from sticking together.


Step 3/6

Steam the diced taro, purple sweet potatoes and yellow sweet potatoes for 20 minutes.


Step 4/6

Cook sago in a pot of boiling water until translucent. Sieve the cooked sago to remove excess water. After that, add cold water to the cooked sago to prevent them from sticking together.


Step 5/6

In a pot, add sugar to 250ml of water. Adjust the sweetness according to taste.Then, add coconut milk.


Step 6/6

Add steamed taro, steamed sweet potatoes, sago, tapioca jellies and lastly, bite-sized bananas. Allow the 'Bo Bo Cha Cha' to simmer 10 minutes or until the desired texture is reached.

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