Sometimes love cooking. Camping trip with friends, they love our Malaysian food such as Bak Gu Teh, satay, chicken curry with roti canai, nasi lemak, bubur cha cha, Penang prawn mee, pandan cake, chai buai, Hainan chicken rice.

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I love to cooked for my sister kids and my mom during holidays in Malaysia. These dishes are for vegetarian, also come with soup not in the picture.
Everyday different kind of soup and dishes, they really enjoy a lot.
Do you love choy Buai ( vegetable meat)
My hubby love this dish after I cooked for few times.
The only difficult thing is I have to buy buah asam in Malaysia. It won't be usual taste without buah asam.
During summer season, we can transform to fruity taste such as lyche, mango or mixture fruits.
Create my durian jam puff really taste good
My yummy fruits jelly cake
My Penang prawn mee.
Can also add Pork and fish ball or fish cake as you like.
Yummy as it taste!!