Easy Butter Cake

Easy Butter Cake

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This butter cake which is moist, soft and fluffy is the best, comparable to those found at some bakeries. This foolproof recipe uses the ‘quick-mix method’ using ingredients you may already have in your kitchen.

Preparation 20 mins
Cooking 45 mins



Nutrition per Serving

419 kcal
46 g
24 g
6 g

The best tasting butter cake must be moist and soft with every bite filled with buttery goodness. This foolproof recipe delivers it all, definitely better than your favourite box mix. It does not involve the creaming method as creamed butter and sugar may curdle after eggs are added. Using the high ratio method, it yields a cake which is more moist like the classic English pound cake.

In Southeast Asian countries such as Singapore or Malaysia, the cakes are not too sweet as many opt for healthy sweet treats instead. My parents love this cake. Not only it is quick to prepare, the texture is guaranteed fluffy even without the addition of cream. Since this homemade buttery treat is so easy to prepare using simple ingredients, it brings out the joy of baking. Make this for your next birthday celebration or just simply so because you will be asking for more!

Buttery cakes
Buttery cakes

Tools and equipment

This cake can be made using a hand mixer or whisk.

Using all purpose flour

Cake flour is low in protein making it suitable to make cakes whereas high protein flour is meant for making bread. This means flour with less gluten is ideal for making fluffy and soft cakes.

Turn all purpose flour into cake flour by combining 85g of all purpose flour and 15g of corn starch. Corn starch can be substituted with any gluten-free flour of your choice. This will help to lower the protein content of the all purpose flour.

Which butter is best?

For starters, I prefer using unsalted butter as I am able to adjust the amount of salt in the cake. I like to use pure butter, nothing less. High quality butter will consist of 80% of minimum fat at minimum. Take a look at the list of ingredients to ensure that it does not contain other ingredients such as hydrogenated oils. However, there are some who swear by using butter blend for the best flavours.

What is the purpose of milk powder in butter cake?

Butter is made by churning milk or cream. Therefore, adding milk powder enhances the buttery flavour of the cake. In this recipe, we used water. You can substitute it with milk for a more fragrant butter cake. However, do not add more than the recommended amount of liquid as this will drastically change the texture of the cake.

You can also opt to omit milk powder in this recipe.

Why is the butter cake hard and not fluffy?

One of the reasons could be due to over mixing. When mixing wheat flour and liquid, gluten develops. Mixing the batter for too long causes the gluten to strengthen. During baking, the cake will rise but sink once it is removed from the oven resulting in a dense cake. Therefore, once flour is added, just mix until the batter comes together.

Butter cake batter is ready to be transfered into baking pan
Butter cake batter is ready to be transfered into baking pan

Brown dots on the surface of the cake

This happens if the sugar did not dissolve properly when it was mixed with butter. Hence, I recommend using castor (caster) sugar also known as baker’s sugar or super fine sugar. It is finer than the common table sugar which is used in most kitchen. Do not confuse it with powdered sugar.

Check to see if cake is ready

To check if the cake is ready, stick a knife or a skewer into the thickest section of the cake while it is still in the oven. If it comes off clean, it is done. Sometimes, the cake may brown too soon. Simply place a layer of baking paper on top to prevent the cake’s surface from burning.

Size of mould

I used a 7"x3.5"x3" baking pan. If a bigger mould is used, the batter will be distributed and become flatter. Baking time may need to be reduced then. In this case, check every 20 minutes.

Variations of butter cake

You can use any shape of mould to bake this cake and it can go with any frosting or glaze of your choice. You can even turn them into delicious cupcakes for a party.

Personally, I love adding some cocoa powder for a delicious marbled effect. To do so, simply scoop out 200g of cake batter and mix in 10g of cocoa powder evenly. For the marbled effect, pour a layer of plain cake batter into the cake mould followed by a layer of chocolate cake batter. Repeat with another layer of plain batter. Finally, drop spoonfuls of cocoa cake batter sporadically. Using a chopstick or a knife, carefully swirl the batter to create the pattern. Avoid swirling too much or you may end up with a cocoa butter cake instead.

Steps to create marble pattern
Steps to create marble pattern

Other flavours you can experiment with are coffee, lemon or orange.

Storing butter cake

This cake freezes very well. Wrap it with aluminum foil before freezing. Before serving, defrost the cake on the kitchen top. Otherwise, this cake can last for up to 2 days at room temperature if kept in an air-tight container.


100 g
unsalted butter
100 g
castor sugar
3 g
100 g
cake flour
5 g
baking powder
15 g
milk powder
90 g
60 g
2 g
vanilla extract

Steps to Prepare

Easy Butter Cake Step 1

Step 1 of 3

    • 100 g unsalted butter
    • 100 g castor sugar
    • 3 g salt

Preheat oven at 170 degrees Celsius. Mix softened cold butter, sugar and salt for 2 to 3 minutes on medium speed till it turns slightly pale in colour.

Easy Butter Cake Step 2

Step 2 of 3

    • 100 g cake flour
    • 5 g baking powder
    • 15 g milk powder

Sieve cake flour, milk powder and baking powder into a bowl. Using low speed, mix the flour mixture with the creamed butter ensuring that the flour is evenly coated to create a paste-like texture.

Easy Butter Cake Step 3

Step 3 of 3

    • 90 g egg(s)
    • 60 g water
    • 2 g vanilla extract

Add in the eggs gradually and mix at high speed for 2 to 3 minutes. Lastly, add vanilla extract and water. Mix for another 2 to 3 minutes until ingredients come together. Pour batter into a baking tin lined with baking paper. Bake for 45 minutes.

Published: December 2, 2020

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4 months ago

Valerie Li

Hi. How do I adjust the ingredients for 6 inch round pan ?

4 months ago

Karin Yap

Hey Valerie! i would do a x1.5 of the measurements if I am using a 6 inch (diameter) by 3 inch (height) round pan. Meaning if original recipe flour is 100g, x1.5 would be 150g instead. and the rest follows :) hope it helps!

4 months ago

Mira - Community Happiness Manager

Just adjust the servings to 6. The measurements will be adjusted automatically. You can print it too!

4 months ago

Valerie Li

Thank you Karin & Mira

5 months ago

Grace Winter-Alsop

Thank You Karin & Mira x

5 months ago

Grace Winter-Alsop

Hi Grace, What can i substitute milk powder with please? Thank you.

5 months ago

Karin Yap

Hi Grace! you could just omit the milk powder and replace the 60g of water in recipe with 60g of milk instead! Hope it helps!

5 months ago

Mira - Community Happiness Manager

Maybe soy milk too?

5 months ago

Karin Yap

yeahhh that'll do too :)

7 months ago

Helena Cheah

Very yummy. Give it a try.

6 months ago

Karin Yap

thank you for giving it a try Helena! :3

6 months ago

Helena Cheah


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