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Chilli Chicken

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Chilli Chicken



Total Time
Total Time
Prep 20 M / Cook 35 M

2 Servings

Grace Teo
Grace Teo   thegraceteo
Published on June 12, 2013

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250 g
chicken meat
1 tbsp
oyster sauce
1 tsp
soy sauce
1.75 tsp
240 ml
6 tbsp
chilli peppers (fresh)
yellow onion(s)  
garlic clove(s)


Chilli chicken is a popular Indo-Chinese fusian dish known in India which is sour, spicy and sweet. In Indonesia and Malaysia, the chilli chicken dish is very different as the gravy is made out of a paste using chillies, onion and garlic. That's all! Although chillies are known to be spicy, this dish isn't at all. Read on for the tips! The chilli chicken dish is huge recommendation by my mom and dad. That viewers loved it when we posted the chilli chicken recipe video on YouTube. Check out the comments I received!

Less spicy or non-spicy chilli chicken

If you do not want the dish to be spicy, you can either substitute chillies with bell peppers or remove the membrane of the chillies (which hosts the seeds). Normally, I use Cayenne peppers with the membrane removed.

Crispy chilli chicken

This recipe requires you to coat the chicken with a thin layer of all purpose flour. To make the chicken pieces crispy, coat chicken pieces with flour and then dip them into a beaten egg. Then, dip the chicken pieces into flour again before frying.

Also remember to check the temperature of the oil before frying with a bit of flour. If flour fizzles once it touches oil, it is ready to be used for frying. When frying the chicken meat, ensure that the heat is kept at medium for them to cook thoroughly and until they turn golden brown.

Excess chilli paste

If you have excess chilli paste from the cooked dish, heat it up the next day and have it with plain rice or as a condiment meat or fish. It will surely stir up your appetite.

Chilli Chicken is also known as: Ayam Cili GaramMalaysian Chilli Chicken



Step 1/4

  • 250 g chicken meat
  • 1 tbsp oyster sauce
  • 1 tsp soy sauce
  • 0.25 tsp salt

Marinate chicken meat with oyster sauce, soy sauce and salt for 15 minutes.


Step 2/4

  • 200 ml oil
  • 6 tbsp flour

Heat oil over medium heat. Then, coat chicken meat with flour and fry until golden brown.


Step 3/4

  • 6 chilli peppers (fresh)
  • 1 yellow onion(s)  
  • 8 garlic clove(s)
  • 40 ml oil
  • 1.5 tsp salt

Blend chillies, onions and garlic until they become a paste. Heat up oil over medium heat. Then, sauté the blended ingredients until fragrant. The chilli paste should change to a darker shade of red. Add salt to taste.


Step 4/4

Drain oil from chilli paste. Add fried chicken meat to chilli paste and mix evenly.

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