Canadian with interest in Baba / Nyonya culture :)

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Bannock w tea
Native American bannock for national indigenous day in Canada
shawarma seasoned chicken w broccoli slaw on tortilla
Sticky honey garlic chicken
Chicken katsu with homemade bulldog sauce
Roasted vegetable soup
Kim chee and spam fried rice
Panzanello salad w roasted vegetables
Mung bean noodles w stir fried chicken and vegetables
Pizza night🍕🍕
Kathi roll w spinach n tofu
Usually made w paneer.
I usually prefer chicken but wanted to use up spinach n tofu
Spinach tomato shakshuka
Mapo tofu
Fruit salad fattoush w sweet croutons made from cut up tortillas w butter, brown sugar and cinnamon..baked till crispy
Spaghetti bolognese w green salad
Mushroom, omlette tortilla wrap
Asian salad
With napa cabbage, crispy tofu
Chicken and spinach KATI roll.
Lemon pound cake
Roasted chicken w roasted veg and salad
Easter supper for 2
Corned beef and cabbage for St Patrick's day 🇮🇪
Homemade granola bars
Spaghetti and meatballs
With caesar salad and homemade croutons
Chicken wings 3cways for Superbowl game with veggies and dip.
1 honey soya sauce
2 buffalo 
3 panko crusted crispy with honey mustard sauce
Veggie dip sauce made from Greek yogurt with cumin and coriander,  salt pepper and lemon juice