Canadian with interest in Baba / Nyonya culture :)

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Corned beef and cabbage for St Patrick's day 🇮🇪
Homemade granola bars
Spaghetti and meatballs
With caesar salad and homemade croutons
Chicken wings 3cways for Superbowl game with veggies and dip.
1 honey soya sauce
2 buffalo 
3 panko crusted crispy with honey mustard sauce
Veggie dip sauce made from Greek yogurt with cumin and coriander,  salt pepper and lemon juice
We bought the nian gow. I only had flaked coconut so my husband thought we could try to steam rice cake then roll in toasted coconut.  Omg so yummy
He used to just fry it but i much prefer this. Terima kaseh Grace and gung hey fat choi
Santa Fe corn pie
Tomaro soup
Sugar cookies w icing
Roasted medley of fall veggies 
Mashed potatoes 
Cranberry sauce
Turkey plus sides
Curried butternut squash soup
Preparing aloo matar for Diwali dinner.
Will go to purchase some naan and palak as well as some indian sweets
Japanese chicken cutlet and stewed daikon
Baked rigatoni
With spicy sausage, spinach and ricotta
Chicken palak
Garam masala chicken on  greens with  tropical twist
Super easy
Super healthy
For just thec2 of us so one cod fillet. No chili so replaced with shitake mushroom.
Ayam pong teh
French carrot salad
Indian spiced chickpeas
Steamed pork, bean sprouts , yum