Wheat Porridge Dessert

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Wheat pearls or also known as wheat berries served with coconut milk is such a delicious dessert enjoyed cold or warm. It is also known as ‘bubur gandum’ in Malay and sold by Mamak restaurants in Malaysia and Singapore.

Preparation 10 mins
Cooking 40 mins


Mak Chuk Tong Sui, Bubur Gandum, 麦粥糖水

Malaysian, Singaporean, Indonesian, Cantonese


8 tbsp wheat pearls
2 pandan leaves
500 ml water
150 g coconut milk
4 tbsp sugar
1⁄4 tsp salt

Nutrition per Serving

193 kcal
29 g
8 g
3 g

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One of my favorite desserts!


Looking for sweet wheat pearl recipes, try out bubur gandum! Bubur gandum is the Malay name for wheat porridge. It is a dessert well known in Singapore and Malaysia. Within the Chinese community, this coconuty dessert is known as ‘mak chuk’. Just like many Southeast Asian desserts, the wheat porridge dessert vegan-friendly. You'd love wheat porridge if you're also a coconut milk lover.

What are wheat pearls or wheat berries?

Wheat pearls or or wheat berries are produced from whole wheat kernals. You can find wheat pearls in Asian grocers or speciality health stores. Look for wheat pearls which are peeled and polished. While learning about wheat pearls, I found how they are often used in European meals especially in savoury dishes. How interesting!

A pinch of salt to the coconut milk

When cooking a dish with coconut milk, adding a pinch of salt will always help to improve the taste. Even if it is a sweet dish.

Thicker consistency of wheat porridge dessert

You may have noticed that I made the porridge slightly diluted compared to the norm. You can thicken the dessert with some corn starch or boil it until the water is very much reduced. However, please note that the dessert thickens when it cools down

I enjoy the chewy texture of wheat pearls along with the sweetness of the coconut milk in the dessert. Wheat pearls do a great job in soaking up the coconut milk, thus making them a delight to savour. What I really love is the aroma of the screwpine leaves or 'pandan' leaves which lingers lightly in the dessert. I personally enjoy this dessert cold but if you are experiencing a chilly or cold weather, a bowl of warm wheat porridge dessert would surely brings comfort and a smile to your face.

Steps to Prepare

Wheat Porridge Dessert Step 1

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Soak wheat pearls for at least 4 hours. Discard water. Then, boil 500 ml of water with wheat pearls and knotted pandan leaves at maximum heat. Once it boils, reduce the heat to its minimum and let it simmer for 10 minutes.

Wheat Porridge Dessert Step 2

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    • 150 g coconut milk
    • 4 tbsp sugar
    • 1⁄4 tsp salt

Then, add sugar and coconut milk. Increase heat to cook dessert at maximum heat. After that, reduce heat to simmer until wheat pearls are fully cooked. Stir in salt. Serve warm or chilled.

Published: November 7, 2016

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