Pineapple Bowl

Pineapple bowl or boat is carved from fresh pineapples. It is made using the skin of the fruit which is usually thrown away. Serving seafood, meat or vegetarian meal in a pineapple bowl definitely makes the food more appealing.

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Preparation 5 mins


Mangkuk Kulit Nanas

Thai, Malaysian

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Pineapple bowl or pineapple bowl The skin of the pineapple can easily be carved into a bowl to serve the meal of your choice.

Fresh pineapple skin is usually thrown away but in countries like Thailand, Malaysia and Singapore, it is turned into a bowl.

If the crown of the pineapple is still fresh, you can leave it intact with the fruit. I'd removed the crown in the video as it was already dry. Having the crown together surely makes the dish look even more beautiful.

Why Should I Make My Own Pineapple Bowl?

This practice is common at stalls in hawker centers and also restaurants. However, there is always the fear of eateries reusing the pineapple bowls. However, if you make it yourself, you will be assured that it's clean, fresh and definitely more hygienic.

How to Make a Pineapple Serving Bowl?

You’ll first need to halve a pineapple. By making some cuts without cutting through the skin, you’ll create enough space to spoon out the pineapple flesh.

What to Serve?

It’s always best to serve a dish which uses pineapple. The most common dish is pineapple fried rice. Pineapple goes really well with sweet sour pork too. Instead of using lychee in the recipe, substitute it with juicy pineapple chunks!



Steps to Prepare

Pineapple Bowl Step 1

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    • 1 pineapple(s)

Cut pineapple into halves. Optionally, remove the crown of the pineapple.

Pineapple Bowl Step 2

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Use a knife to make horizontal cuts at the top and bottom of the pineapple without cutting through the skin (along the red lines). Then, make vertical cuts to remove the core (along the blue lines). Lastly, insert a spoon at the sides to scoop out the flesh.

Published: May 11, 2019

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