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Sour Mustard Greens Stew/ Choy Buai(酸辣菜尾)

Sour Mustard Greens Stew/ Choy Buai(酸辣菜尾)

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This is a delicious dish that is very familiar to Malaysian and Singaporean.Especially the roasted meat leftovers during the Chinese New Year is the best time to cook this dish. In fact, it bring back our childhood memories of the taste from our mom or older generation.

Preparation 25 mins
Cooking 150 mins


Chinese, Malaysian, Singaporean


dried squid (strips)

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Steps to Prepare

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    • dried squid (strips)

Basic ingredients (基本食材): 500∼600g Roasted meat or bones (燒肉/燒雞/燒鴨/骨頭) 800∼1200g Mustard green (芥菜) 5/6 Dried chilies(辣椒干) 3/4 Ginger slices(生薑/老薑片) 6/8 Buah asam slices(亞參果片) 8/10cups Water (清水)

Optional added ingredients (添加食材): 3/4 Tomatoes (蕃茄) 2 Lemon grass(香茅) 2 Dried salt plums (酸梅干) 1tbsp White peppercorns(白胡椒粒)

Seasonings (調味料): 1tbsp Soy sauce (醬油) 1tbsp Osyter sauce(蠔油) Salt(鹽巴)

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Introduction (介紹): This is a delicious dish that is very familiar to Malaysian and Singaporean. Especially the roasted meat leftovers during the Chinese New Year is the best time to cook this dish. In fact, it bring back our childhood memories of the taste from our mom or older generation. The main and important trick of this dish is the oily aroma of the roasted meat, the special sour taste from buah asam slices (tamarind slices) and spicy taste of the dried chilies. Also to let the mustard greens pick up all the essences of this soup, which the delicious taste we all love.

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So remember the above factors, it is very simple to cook a delicious Sour Mustard Greens Stew (Choy Buai). To whom love more sour ,spicy, aroma of roasted meat oil and fat, and of course the mustard greens friends, can adjust the amount of the above basic ingredients according to personal likes. In addition, the optional added ingredients are mainly to each friends who have their own loved taste of Choy Buai as well. Therefore you can try adding some or all of the additional ingredients as above. I hope the recipe which I shared, everyone can enjoy and have their own

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這是星馬朋友們一點都不陌生亦是最喜愛的一道美味菜餚。尤其是農曆過年期間剩下的燒肉類,就是烹煮這道料理最佳時機。其實也是讓我們想念小時候,媽媽或老一輩們所料理的味道。 這道料理主要的竅門,在於燒肉烤出來的油香味、加上亞參果片特殊的酸味和辣椒干辣味,讓芥菜吸飽這些湯汁精華,就是大家公認好吃的美味。 所以記住以上的那幾點因素,要煮出美味好吃的酸辣菜尾就很簡單了。喜歡酸或辣;湯頭油香味或愛吃芥菜朋友們也可以自己調整以上基本食材的量。另外添加的食材,主要是大家各有喜愛口味,所以不妨試試添加一部份或全部。 希望這次的菜譜分享,大家都能煮出自己想要味道,謝謝啦!

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  1. Prepare all ingredients in advance預先準備所有食材。
  2. After the mustard greens are cleaned and cut, friends who are afraid of bitterness taste can use the boiling water briefly blanch (also can add some cooking oil, a bit of salt and sugar in boiling water). In fact, the addition of ginger slices in the basic ingredients are used to remove the bitterness of the mustard greens.芥菜清洗後切段,怕苦澀味的朋友可以先用清水川燙(也可加點食油、少許鹽和糖)。其實加入的薑片也可去掉芥菜澀味。

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  1. Wash the buah asam slices and dried chilies, soak them for 1 or 2 minutes respectively (you can use hot water if you want to soft the dried chilies).亞參果片和辣椒干清洗,分別浸泡1、2分鐘(想要泡軟辣椒干可以用熱水)。
  2. Cut all the roasted meat or bones. If you want more of the aroma of oily and fat from the roasted meat, you can first hot the pot and fry the roasted meat in the stockpot.把所有燒肉類切塊。如果想要逼出更多油脂的香味,可以開火先在湯鍋子裡翻炒。

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  1. After putting all the roasted meat into the stockpot, then add the buah asam slices, dried chilies, ginger slices, and water, boil over medium heat.把所有肉類放入湯鍋後,再加入亞參果片、 辣椒干、薑片、清水,中大火煮開。
  2. After boiling, you can add (some or all) of the above optional added ingredients (tomato cut into wedges, sour plum, lemongrass end smashed/white peppercorns crushed to release the taste).煮滾後可以加入以上(部分或所有)的添加食材 (蕃茄切開、 酸梅干、香茅末端拍扁、白胡椒粒拍裂以釋放味道)。

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  1. Keep boiling the stock, add seasoning soy sauce, oyster sauce and salt. After that you can add mustard greens partially if the stockpot not large enough. After cook down and soften then put in again the mustard greens. 都滾開後加入調味料醬油、蠔油、鹽巴,然後再加入芥菜,鍋子不夠深的朋友可以先放入芥菜桱部份,開始軟化再放入葉子部份。 8.Cook for small or medium heat about 50 minutes, adjust and mix the seasoning according own personal flavour. After all the mustard greens softened and very tender, it can be turned off.以中小火煮至50分鐘左右,加入調味料以個人口味適量拌勻,確定芥菜都全部軟化後,就可以熄火啦。

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  1. Generally, we can set aside stockpot for 3 hours or more after the flameout. This is let the mustard greens pick up all the exotics taste of the soup. Just boil the stockpot when we need to eat.一般要讓芥菜更加入味吸飽湯汁精華,可在熄火後置放3小時以上。想吃的時候再煮熱就可以上菜啦!

Published: November 5, 2019

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