Fruit Cake - Super Moist

Fruit Cake - Super Moist

Here is a 5-step recipe to making the best fruit cake. It's extremely moist, tasty and shouts Christmas. The recipe is quick, made without alcohol and the ingredients are widely available. If you are looking for a recipe to keep for generations, this is it!

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Preparation 45 mins
Cooking 60 mins


Kek Buah


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Nutrition per Serving

536 kcal
45 g
38 g
10 g

We all love a super moist fruit cake with dried fruits and nuts when Christmas comes around. Making this cake from scratch is easy. It is alcohol-free but the addition of treacle and orange oil helps to bring out the delicious flavours of this fruit cake. This is definitely the cake to bake for Christmas.

Secrets to a moist fruit cake

Baking a soft and moist cake is achievable with the following tips which need to be taken into account before, during and even after baking. Never skip any of these tips or you may end up with a dry fruit cake.

1. Soaking dried fruits and nuts

This can be done in water or alcohol. Soaking of the fruits and nuts conditions them so the baked product will retain its moisture. If you opt for an alcohol option, soak them in rum or brandy. Just substitute water with alcohol of the same amount as mentioned in this recipe. It's best to soak them for at least 6 hours. Skipping the soaking process may cause the fruits and nuts to absorb the moisture from the cake.

If you are short of time, bring water to a rolling boil. Then, add the dried fruits and nuts. Turn off the stove, cover the pot with a lid and let it sit for at least 30 minutes. However, note that the flavours of the fruits and nuts may be released into the water causing the cake to lose a bit of flavour. Hence, the slow soaking process is highly recommended.

2. Steaming in the oven

While baking the cake, having a tray filled with water below the cake pan will help to create steam. This will keep the cake moist. It's best to fill up 1/3 of the tray with hot or boiling water. If you don't have a tray, use any pan or casserole with a large surface.

3. Storing fruit cake

Leaving the cake in the open may cause it to dry up. It is best to wrap the cake with cling wrap and store in an air-tight container.

What is treacle and its substitute?

Treacle is a thick, sticky dark syrup made from partly refined sugar. Besides adding a rich strong flavour, it also adds a beautiful dark brown colour to the fruit cake. Treacle is mostly found in supermarkets or baking supply stores especially when Christmas is around. If it is not available, use molasses instead. Otherwise, substitute it with the same amount of brown sugar.

Can orange juice be used?

Instead of using orange oil, you can substitute it with the same amount of orange juice. It's recommended to add orange zest as well for a more intense flavour.

Using oil instead of butter

Butter does not only add flavour to the cake but because it solidifies when refrigerated, it is easier to cut the cake especially when there are so many nuts and fruits in them. If you do not enjoy the taste of butter, use oil instead. Simply substitute butter with oil of the same amount.

If oil is used, skip the heating process in step 3. You'll just need to mix all the ingredients and proceed with the recipe as suggested.

Substitute for nutmeg and ginger powder

If you happen to have all spice powder, you can use it to replace nutmeg and ginger powder. Add 4 g of all spice and 4 g of cinnamon powder instead.

Risk of cake falling apart

As there are a lot of nuts and fruits in the cake, it may fall apart when cut especially when the cake is still warm. Once the cake is done baking and had cooled to room temperature, chill it in the refrigerator for about 1 to 2 hours. Make sure it has hardened a little before cutting with a sharp knife.

Freezing fruit cake

Frozen fruit cake can be kept for about 1.5 months. Wrapped the cake with cling wrap and then leave at room temperature to thaw. Cake is guaranteed moist after thawing.


280 g
dried fruits and nuts
130 g
180 g
unsalted butter
100 g
sugar (brown)
5 g
150 g
30 g
2 g
orange oil
wheat flour
4 g
baking powder
2 g
baking soda

Steps to Prepare

Fruit Cake - Super Moist Step 1

Step 1 of 5

    • 280 g dried fruits and nuts
    • 130 g water

Combine all the assorted fruits and chopped nuts in a bowl and add water to condition them. Cover the bowl with cling wrap and let it soak overnight.

Fruit Cake - Super Moist Step 2

Step 2 of 5

    • water

The next day, preheat oven to 170 degrees Celsius and put a tray of water at the bottom of the oven. Add enough water to cover at least 1/3 of the tray.

Fruit Cake - Super Moist Step 3

Step 3 of 5

    • 180 g unsalted butter
    • 100 g sugar (brown)
    • 5 g salt
    • 150 g milk
    • 30 g treacle
    • 2 g orange oil

Combine butter, sugar, salt, milk, treacle and orange oil in a pot and cook over medium heat till the sugar dissolves. Then, add in the soaked fruits and nuts (excluding water). Let it simmer for a good 4-5 mins before setting it aside to cool.

Fruit Cake - Super Moist Step 4

Step 4 of 5

    • 2 egg(s)
    • 200 wheat flour
    • 4 g baking powder
    • 2 g baking soda

Once the mixture cools to room temperature, add in the 2 eggs followed by the sifted flour, baking powder and baking soda. Make sure the mixture is not warm before adding the flour mixture or the baking soda or baking powder may react to the heat before the baking.

Fruit Cake - Super Moist Step 5

Step 5 of 5

Fill the mixture into two 7 inches loaf tin or one 7 inches square or round pan and bake for 50-60 mins at 160 degrees Celsius or when skewer comes out clean. (For the first 45 minutes, bake with the tray of water underneath. After that, remove it and continue baking for the remaining minutes or till skewer comes out clean.)

Published: December 20, 2019

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Vielen Dank "Nyonya Cooking" für das Rezept und die frohen Weihnachten.

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Vielen Dank "Nyonya Cooking" für das Rezept und die frohen Weihnachten.

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