Nyonya Cooking

The idea behind Nyonya Cooking

Grace moves to Germany to start her journey of food discovery.

Nyonya: Female descendants of a Chinese ethnic group who relocated to the Malay archipelago in the 15th century.

I am a Peranakan descendant (Nyonya) and moved from Malaysia to Germany in March 2011. As a young and modern Nyonya, I found myself trapped in the hustle-bustle of growing a corporate career while settling down in a new culture.

The typical qualities of a Nyonya, which is to love and obsess with food, blossomed in me when I started to spend more time in the kitchen during the weekends to recreate delicious Asian dishes which I knew from home.

Coming from a multicultural country, I cook Malay, Chinese, Indian, and of course, fusion Asian cuisine such as the Peranakan Cuisine.

It all started in 2011 with a Nyonya Cooking photo album on Facebook which evolved into the “Nyonya Cooking” YouTube channel and website. Over the years, I recreated the taste of home or other delicious dishes which I have tasted around the world. I came to learn that preparing food is not just about the recipe itself but also its ingredients and an awareness for choosing each element to create a dish.

Eating well with the best ingredients is a choice and a lifestyle. We hope that Nyonya Cooking can inspire you in every way!

Food Principles of Nyonya Cooking

Prepare food using fresh and regional ingredients whenever possible. It may not be easy to recreate the real taste of Asian food abroad without ingredients imported from Asia. Fresh ingredients like meat, eggs, vegetables and fruits from nearby regions is important to us.

Cook real food. I believe in enjoying food that was prepared with quality and fresh ingredients! We need to be conscious of the ingredients and food we consume. Small efforts like using less sugar, salt or oil will be beneficial in the long run. Indulge in your cravings but go easy on them.

Avoid waste of food. We always cook food freshly and do not like to store food overnight. We almost never throw any leftover food. Portioning your meals according to your appetite and planning your meals in advance by understanding the consumption in your family is helpful.

Questions Answered

Usually Asian recipes, especially Malaysian recipes, because I love sharing stories and memories from home with other foodies around the world. I hope to create an appreciation towards Malaysian cuisine. Being an avid traveler with living experience in Germany for several years, I am often introduced to food from various cultures. My partner, who is the co-founder of Nyonya Cooking, has spent 6 years in Japan and influences the selection of cuisine I cook. I look forward to taking you on a gastronomic exploration of different cuisines.

I believe that food is the international language that everyone understands. Nyonya Cooking is here to demystify Malaysian dishes, so you get to recreate them and relive the moment of a delicious dish you once had.

“No one is too busy. It’s all about priorities.”
Living a life with home-cooked meals can be troubling. Nothing is more important than some food for the soul and healthy recipes for your family. Nyonya Cooking provides you simple and fast recipes which I love to cook after a long day at work.

To Malaysians living in a foreign country: I understand your issue as an expatriate and how difficult it is to sustain your food culture in a foreign country. Here are some recipes to cure home-sickness.

Use our recipe request feature to submit your craving.

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If you are interested to know more about me or how I found my way to live abroad, connect with me on Grace Teo. I hope to encourage, inspire and assist to bring the best in you!