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Hi, I am Joo Li and I love to cook and bake and looking out from my kitchen window where I mix and knead the dough, is my little garden and it's the place where I love to be!

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With the extra curry chicken from last night, I made curry chicken noodle! The curry goes so well with the noodle plus the fried tau kee and the condiments. The taste is really good!
An all time favourite for tea time in our house. Simply delicious!
Two recipes (and Roti Jala) from Nyonya Cooking combined to make a delicious meal on a wet and cold day!
The recipe for the sauce is simply awesome. As for the meat, I  used minced meat and air fried them.
Simply delicious! My little girl's favourite dish. Love this recipe.
This is a must try sambal!
I used the same sambal and made sambal sotong! 
The taste is just so good.
Great combination of Nyonya Cooking recipes - Chicken Rendang with Nasi Impit (Compressed Rice)!
Compressed rice (nasi impit) not with chicken satay but lontong sayur lodeh! 
The recipe for compressed rice was easy to follow and the process of making it was interesting and fun!
Nasi lemak served with Ayam Goreng Berempah..great combination!
Yam cake! Love the colours and the taste!
Love this dish and I truly enjoyed the cooking process. The taste is simply  awesome!
Served with air fried lap cheong (chinese sausage) with lots of garlic and cut chilly!
Truly enjoyed making this..and it's my first time. Mine and my girl's favorite kuih!
Roast chicken thigh with mashed potatoes and corn!
So glad I finally cooked this dish! Nice! I deep fried half of the chicken and the other half I used the air fryer and taste as good! Next time I will just use the air fryer - less oil and less grease!
Another round of Ayam Goreng Berempah (boneless this time) using air fryer with the extra paste from the earlier batch. Had them with roti canai!
Used the air fryer for this dish!
Love it!
Yummy! First time frying char kuey teow at home and definitely will be another time!
Pineapple Fish Curry (Lemak Nenas Ikan Tenggiri)
The prawn fritters tasted so so good..and must have them when they are hot. Definitely will do this again!
Pineapple tarts.
Thank you Nyonya Cooking for the recipe!