Roslyn Dagostino

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Radish Pickle
Aubergine Parmesan
Home make Char Siew
Fish Pie
Sambal cabbage
Putu Ayu
Tenderloin pork with pesto wrapped with curd bacons.
Smoked salmon and fried eggs with salad leave sushi
Pork floss and fried eggs with salad leave sushi.
Folded gimbap 
Filling spicy tempeh , fried egg , bak hwa and spinach.
Orange with goji berries huat kueh
Green beans and carrots with spicy blackbean .
Stilton Cheese with cauliflower and spinach muffins.
Sea Bass with thai spice.
Steak Pie and Beetroot Pithivier with potatoe and brocolli.
Beetroot Pithivier
Baked Seabass
Mince Pie
Christmas dinner
Roast Turkey with trimming.
Pork Apple & Apricot Stuffing
Roast Turkey Crown
Ham Hock Lentil Soup
Pan Fried Lemon Sole and Hasselback roasted Potatoe and Sprouts.
Wholegrain Mustard Pork Apple with Cider.