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Tried the Ayam Masak Merah today. Because both my husband and I are trying our best to eat healthy, instead of frying the chicken, I coated it in turmeric and let it sit for half hour. Added more garlic than the recipe called for (upped it from 2 to 6, we love garlic!) and let the chicken cook in the sauce. We like it a little more saucy so we didn’t reduce it as much, but it turned out great! The sauce was still thick and full of flavour. Looking forward to making this again!
Tried the sesame oil chicken recipe today. Added some garlic because garlic is life! Tasty, healthy and can’t wait to make it again.
Made the Beef Rendang. Making this dish is a true labour of love and it's all worth it when you're finally ready to tuck in with the ones you love!