Sheila Krishnan


I'm a working mother of four teenagers (3 girls and a boy) who love food. Not only do they love to cook it but more than that, they love to eat it. I enjoy cooking myself and am always on the lookout for simple easy dishes that can be prepared quickly after a long day at work.

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I followed the recipe exactly but substituted fresh turmeric for the powdered one. The colour isn't as vibrant as I'd hoped it would be but it tasted delicious. The family loved it and it is now on my go to chicken dishes list.
I remember my Aunt making this for me for tea. I was always very impatient and have gotten a taste for warm creamy corn custard pudding out of the pot. Like mother, like daughters. My 3 daughters love it warm and gooey too! (My son and hubby don't like creamy corn, their loss!)