i love to cook for special occasions and have tasty yummy gatherings with family and friends. i work in the IT industry. cooking is my hobby, i execute it like a project.

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seafood poon choi
Sweet and extra sour Dory Fish Fillet
Chinese dumplings for chinese new year. Added prawns mushroom and water chestnuts for crunchy
Kangkung belacan yummy added more chilli padi for more kick
Peanut butter chocolate cheesecake 

Peanut butter dark chocolate cocoa powder creme cheese whipping creme digestive biscuit butter lakanto
Strawberry cheesecake 

Strawberry whipping cream yogurt creme cheese vanilla essence disgestive biscuit butter lakanto
Burnt choc cheesecake 

Dark choc cocoa powder butter egg whipping cream cream cheese vanilla essence lakanto
Strawblueberry cheesecake 

Creamcheese Whipping cream Yoghurts Lemon juice Strawberry  Blueberry disgestive biscuit vanilla essence butter lakanto
Simple stir fry lettuce with smoked bacon
Stewed Pork Slice with bok choy

Marinate pork slice with shio xing wine, soya sauce, sesame oil n black pepper over night. For more salty add salt to marinate (i did). 

Fry pork slice with oil in wok till brownish on both side. 
Transfer pork slice to slow cooker. Put in dark n light soya sauce, black pepper, shio xing wine(3 tablespoon), oyster sauce, a dash of rice vinegar, 5 spice powder and pour hot water till cover pork slice. Put on Low mode for 2 hrs. Then test meat if tender to ur liking. If not enough tender, another 30 mins check again. Mine was 3 hrs coz i forgot and meat was very tender and melt in mouth. Blanch bok choy as garnish and side, 

Ps: more exotic chinese taste add 3 cloves, 1 star anise, 1 inch cinnamon stick. 

Happy porking!
Burnt Cheesecake
LCHF β€œNasi” Lemak with XO chilli prawns, fried anchovies, fried egg, roast pork
No Bake Cheese Cake

Line 15cm pan with baking paper.

Base use digestive biscuit crush to crumbs and mixed with melted butter. Then spread into pan and press down make smooth base. Put in fridge.

For cheese batter, 200gm Cream cheese spread until smooth, add 60gm sugar, mix until sugar blended, add 100gm yoghurt, mix throughly, add 100ml whipping creme, and then 3 tablespoon lemon juice. Melt 5 agar in hot water then mix together with cheese batter. 

Pour On top of crumb base and fridge for 6 hrs or more.

Braised Pork Ribs

Blanch pork ribs with few slice ginger for 5mins with boiling water. Drip dry then marinate with xiao shing wine, soya sauce and pepper for 30min(longer better).

Use oil fry pork ribs until golden brown. Transfer to pot. Add 6 pieces garlic, few slice ginger, 3 cloves, 1 star anise, 1 cinnamon, 2 bay leaves, xiao shing wine, dark thick soya sauce, soya sauce, sesame oil (few drops), pepper, salt and pepper to taste. Pour hot water until cover meat and more a bit if ur pot lets off alot of steam. Boil at high for 15 mins then 45mins low. Then see if ribs is tender, if not simmer low for another 10-15 mins. Enjoy. 

Can add mushroom if u want. Add Before start boil.
Sweet and sour pork leg vinegar. Dry fry thinly slice ginger then put in pork trotter blanch with hot water and continue frying until oil start to release from pork, add dark sweetened vinegar, rice vinegar and 2 whole washed garlic bulbs with skin one. Put on high until boiling, then low for 30-45 mins until fats and meat is tender. Best to eat after rested for few hours. Reheat to have warm feeling.
Stir fry bitter gourd with chicken in bean paste
Braised pork ribs with mushrooms and dried oysters
Yellow Wine Ginger Chicken
XO Chilli Fried Sotong/Squid
Rendang Pork Ribs
Thai style fried Pork Belly
Stir fry Brocoli and Prawns
Dong Po Rou
Potato Salad