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Hand-shredded chicken drumsticks with minced ginger & shallot oil 姜蓉葱油手撕鸡腿
Chinese steamed egg
Stir fried eggplant and green beans
Chicken curry with potatoes
Home made LMK (glutinous rice)
Lotus root soup with peanuts & chicken feet
Yummy yam cake !
Yummy yam cake !
Nasi Lemak
Steam glutinous rice with chicken (Loh Mai Gai)
Chicken gizzard
卤肉碎,serve with hot rice with it’s thick & dark gravy.
卤肉饭 (Taiwanese famous dish)
Happy Sunday Breakfast !
Grill chicken with crunchy wrap.
Morning breakfast with grilled chicken & veggie salad.
Claypot Chicken Biryani Rice
Simple fried mee hoon with jala & chili sambal for tonight.
Hong Kong Chee Cheong Fun
During CMCO, tonight I cooked ginger onion chicken.
This evening I cooked sambal petai with belacan & prawn.
Chicken soup with whisky
Mushroom, broccoli & roasted chicken breast meat with oyster sauce.
Homemade dhal curry.