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I did not use ginger just because i don't like ginger ;) And depending on who is eating, I add lesser fresh chilli.. I also left the seeds on. though the recipe asked to remove the seeds. I have tried replacing prawns with chicken cut into cubes. And it turned out good too! Tried this dish a few times, family loves it!
This recipe is so versatile. Can choose whatever vegetables to add in. And the amount you want.. For me, I added more carrots, used french beans and Tau Pok. I did not add glass noodles and prawns ;) It's definitely the best sayur lodeh recipe. I'm glad I found it!
Hubby loves this dish so I decided to surprise him when I came across this recipe. Recipe called for fresh turmeric but I used turmeric powder instead. I used the same amount of ingredients for 4 squids that were about 15 cm each. I did not remove the seeds in the chillies. Hubby loves it and I am happy :)