Joyce Wong


I’m quarter peranakan from my mom’s side. I’ve started cooking dishes my mom and aunts used to cook as they bring back many fond childhood memories.

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Assam sotong
Sambal tumis four angle bean.
Steamed Pumpkin Cake.  Pumpkin, lap cheong, chai por, hai bee, garlic and shallots.
Used 2 eggs plus an extra egg yolk for the custard and pandan  leaves to get the green to be more vibrant - no need for food coloring.  I stairned the mixture before pouring over the rice to minimize the air bubbles.
Singapore style prawn and pork rib noodles
Sarang semut for Saturday teatime. I used half gula melaka and half white sugar.  Helped avoid over burning the caramel as the  gula Melaka help provide the additional flavor and color.
Sambal udang with petai.  Extra spicy with loads of onions.
Followed the recipe exactly.  Turned out beautifully.  The kaya was also home made.  One pandan kaya and one coconut kaya.  Complemented the kuih really well.
Followed the recipe and added Chilli paid for the extra oomph.
This is a dry chicken rendang.  Used a lot of kerisik which absorbs the sauce.  And used a lot of Daun Limau Purut.