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I like to cook for fun and friends and family members. I do it occasionally and during festive season therefore I chance upon Grace Teo site . I travel sometime overseas especially in china village as I am curious about their diets, cooking and lifestyles.

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I tried the banana recipe to see how it taste from my usual recipe that used vegetable oil and cake flour.  The result of this try was not so ideal abit hard texture.  I checked the video it could be my step I added the banana first to egg and butter and did stir enough due to butter not fully soften when taken out from fridge.   I still think cake flour will get a better texture or mix flour with all purpose flour. thank you!
I am quite satisfied with the result although it deflate a little bit.  I made this one is 27cm and I double your recipe.  But I find it after I baked finished, I purposely left in oven for 5 mins and took out.  Before I took out, it deflate lower by 2 cm . I can't figure why as egg whites I checked thick enough and it wont drop down  not overdo it.  Any suggestion to prevent it ?
peanut cookies after 2nd attempt. Thanks
chinese bak kua
peanut cookies