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Mutton curry to end the extra weekend. Just moved in a new house for two weeks now. Hubs away and on duty for his second week at work. I usually didnt do much hassle in the kitchen when i’m all by myself. But today i did pressure cooked this mutton curry waited fot it to tender for quite a bit and wallah! Good job mommy! Just don’t do this much often you’ll gain couple of inches by the end of the year.  😆😆
Fried kuey tiaw
Masak lemak babat and rebung.
Buttermilk chicken. One comfort food to be eaten with white rice
Singgang ikan & rice
Ayam percik. Love this dish!
Oven grilled chicken wings. Eat them while watching tv with hubs
Ikan keli bakar. Grilled catfish. This photo was taken at my kampung whereby i’m in charge of preping and grilling it. super good eating it together with ‘air asam’
Siput sedut masak lemak pucuk paku. I remembered making them for the first time (at my brother’s). Bought them without thinking the hassle of cleaning them up and chopping the back of the shell. It turns out good tho.
Sambal tempoyak petai & ikan bilis
Sambal penyet & ulam
Kerabu mangga
Nasi beriani kambing
Tauhu begedil. The tofu was stuffed with potato & minced meat and deep fried. This is just superb! A must try. Hub’s fav
Love them! Add with stir fried bean sprout
So hoon soup with sambal kicap
Chicken khabsah
Laksa johor
I didint cut the chilies purposely for extra extra spicy
Beef keema with bread
Fried noodles
Fried kueytiaw
Mee bandung muar
This was my first time ever making wanton noodles. I remembered watching grace’s youtube video on making this. It turns out so good. And also the bbq chicken i followed the char siew recipe too. Major thankss grace