Armstrong Ho

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Taste is delicious
Fired carrot cake I did the steam carrot cake from starch yesterday was 20/12/19 and cooking in the morning 21/12/19 the taste was outstanding unforgettable . I forget to put in coriander hahaha ! That’s hotel style dish lol
Thank you to my Mentor Chef  Pan
This plate of mee goreng was my assessment test in school Sunrice  GlobalChef  Academy. Forget to put calamansi lime haha . Yummy finish on the spot after marking .LOL !!!
Thank you to my Mentor Chef Fairos
Unbelievable so tasty then outside those stall sell . 😜
I love my boil egg 3/4 cook . If cook for others I will cook a full well done boil egg .Thank you Mentor Chef Fairos
Yummy taste so good
I add Chinese sausage tasty very good.
the water level u didn't mention how much water , and anchovics u didn't say a packet is how many grams lol.