The unique tomato cocotte takes up an oval shape and is deep enough for a stew or soup. With a gorgeous shade of red, this pot has all the best features of Staub's cast iron cocotte. Cast iron is know to be extremely energy efficient. After cooking, set the pot aside with its lid close and food can remain warm for a longer time compared to conventional pots. Not only heat, this pot remains cool for hours if it is chilled. As it holds 2.9 litres, this is ideal for searing, stir-frying and stewing. Dishes such as curry chicken, ABC Soup and soup will turn out perfect as the heavy lid allows minimal liquid lost. This will contain the aroma and flavour of the dish within the pot.

The matt black inner enamelling is ideal for particularly crisp searing. Perfect to creating the golden brown crisp layer on meat while keeping it moist. With a heavy lid, the pot is sealed tightly to retain moisture within the dish. The constant basting process which is encouraged by the unique lid structure produces juice, tender and intense flavours during cooking. For those who want a healtier cooking option, you can cook with very little oil or water. The material do not leach out to the food. If heated up properly, food very almost doesn't stick to the pot despite the lack of oil.

It's also the deep red colour which makes it even more attractive. Prepare the dish on the stove and move it to the oven without any concerns. In short, this is a very durable pot which is highly chip and scratch resistant.