This large Cocotte is able to hold 8.35 litres. The size makes it perfect for cooking a large portion of various slow cooking dishes such as curries likerendang, soups such as bak kut teh or ABC soup. Cast iron cooks food quicker as the heavy lid contains flavours in the pot and the special drip structure of the lid makes fork tender meat. When heated up flavours are intensified thanks to the ability of cast iron to spread heat evenly which will contain the aroma within the pot.

It is easy to care for this mini cocotte as the special Staub enamel is highly chip resistant and very durable. The enamel coating doubles as an enhancer to the properties of cast iron which retains heat longer compared to other material. Use it directly on the stove or in the oven and then on to serving it to the table. Your food will be presented beautifully without having to wash another serving plate. Suitable for all types of hobs such as induction oven or grill.