This is a beautifully design cast iron pot which is inspired by the traditional Japanese rice pot, Hagama. Cooking rice in this special pot is great as rice always turn out perfect. It also doesn't stick to the material. Cast-iron is able to retain heat longer and it spread evenly throughout the pot. This reduces the time to cook the rice.

Without the strong heat directed to cooking rice, the material also reduces chances of having rice burnt. Besides rice, other dishes such as stew or soups can be made. Since cast iron is rather heavy, the size makes it very convenient to cook and clean. You can too use the same pot to make a fast soup like miso after serving cooked rice. Since it doesn't stick to the pot, cleaning is fast. This cocotte size is suitable for two to three servings of rice. You can add other ingredients such to cook along with the rice to make dishes such as briyani. The pattern of the lid encourages the rain-effect steaming process to cook food evenly.