The special pumpkin shape of cocotte is made to be presented at the table. It is visually attractive and has all the benefits of a cast iron, whereby it stores the heat particularly well and releases it slowly. That makes this pot energy efficient. With the capacity of 3.45 litres, a cooks will enjoy cooking a variety of dishes. The height also makes it perfect for braising or stewing. With the heavy lid and a fitting lid, the aroma of the dish stays in the pot and flavour is well preserved.

The pumpkin-shaped Cocotte is also very robust and easy to clean because its interior is matt black enamel. This enamelling simultaneously improves the stewing properties and enhances the natural flavour of meat, vegetables and other ingredients, so that flavours unfold perfectly. For those who want a healtier cooking option, you can cook with very little oil or water. The material do not leach out to the food. If heated up properly, food very almost doesn't stick to the pot despite the lack of oil.

In this Staub Cocotte your dishes will be particularly tasty when you invite family and friends for dinner. It is suitable for any type of cooker, including induction hobs.