This smooth wooden knife block is fitting in every kitchen. Elegant and a practical storage utensil for your kitchen. The 6-piece set from the TWIN® Cuisine series provides you with the right tool for they day to day tasks. The larger knives are designed for slicing, mincing and other chopping tasks for meat and vegetables. The paring knife is the perfect knife for peeling and slicing fruits, vegetables and chopping herbs. A pair of kitchen scissors is located in the block. This versatile tool snips of vegetable steps stems and cuts off tendons, fats or smaller bones without much problems.

This set consists of: -

ZWILLING paring and garnishing knife TWIN Cuisine, 10 cm: Small, light and versatile knife with a slim, medium-pointed blade. This knife peels, cuts, cleans and garnishes fruit and vegetables.

ZWILLING chef's knife TWIN Cuisine, 20 cm: Sturdy, heavy knife with a wide, powerful blade and a smooth blade. The all-rounder for professionals and hobby cooks.

ZWILLING Santoku knife TWIN Cuisine, 18 cm: All-rounder of Asian cuisine can be used to prepare meat, fish and also vegetables.

ZWILLING sharpening steel, 23 cm: To be able to sharpen quality knives easily and effectively at any time.

ZWILLING multi-purpose scissors TWIN

ZWILLING bamboo knife block: The knife block allows you to store your Zwilling chef's knives in a stylish and safe way.

Zwilling's special steel manufacturing process has the perfect chromium and carbon content and the FRIODUR® blade is also enhanced by a special ice-hardening technique which makes the boning knife harder and sharper. They will also not stain or chip and can retain their sharpness longer.

The bolster is seamless, ensuring no annoying edges between the handle and the blade. It also provides the right balance and acts as a finger guard. The handle is made of a plain black plastic material without rivets for fatigue-free and safe handling.