Miyabi Kitchen Shears, 220 mm

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Stainless Steel


Made in Japan

The Miyabi made in Japan multi-purpose scissors is a versatile kitchen tool needed in every kitchen. It cuts herbs, vegetables and even packaging with ease. The design includes micro-serrated blades to ease cutting, an inbuilt bone breaker and a bottle cap opener.

Switch your knife and cutting board for a pair of multipurpose shear. The Miyabi kitchen scissors is versatile tool which cuts ingredients precisely. Herbs, long beans or bok choy can be portioned easily with this shears. The micro serrated blades allow cutting of other ingredients such as meat and fish with bones done without much effort.

Distinctive D-shaped handles are made for comfort and safety, allowing a stable grip when cutting. This kitchen shear has a hooked designed on one side of the blade that acts as a bone breaker and the center provides a convinient screw cap and bottle opener.

Package Contents

1 Kitchen Shears

About Miyabi

It takes more than 100 steps and 42 days to make one knife worthy of the MIYABI brand. Each knife goes from the hands of skilled artisans to yours—ensuring you get the finest caliber. We craft the knives in Seki, Japan’s samurai-sword making capital since the 14th century. You get the best of both worlds: German engineering and Japanese craftsmanship, for long-lasting durability and scalpel-like sharpness. Making you the master of precision cuts.

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