This kettle is equipped with the special SIGMA Classic base is made of a precision press, which is always identical on ZWILLING cookware. It ensures excellent heat distribution and storage. This whistling kettle which heats up to 1.5 litres of water, guarantees a fast boil and retaining the temperature as long as possible. Besides retaining heat, the kettle retains cold temperature very well.

The in-built whistling function which creates a subtle but noticeable sound once water begins boiling and reaches the perfect temperatur. This is a safety measure to avoid over spilling or accidents. The sturdy handle is made out of an excellent synthetic material which you can directly hold to pour the boiled water out.

The signature glossy stainless steel outer makes this ZWILLING PLUS kettle very attractive. Designed by the Italian designer duo Thun & Rodriguez, the kettle showcases timeless and iconic design besides being solely visual. It is a kettle that would fit into any modern kitchen. The kettle is suitable for all types of hob, including induction.