The ZWILLING® Base range of cookware sets provide you with basic equipment to prepare the most diverse dishes. The 3-piece set of ZWILLING® consists of a cooking pot, a roasting pan and a saucepan without lid. The large cooking pot has a capacity of 6 l and is therefore suitable for the catering of several guests. All three pots are made of high-quality materials that ensure a uniform distribution of heat.

The cookware set is made of 18/10 stainless steel. This metal is robust, durable and gives the pots a special look at the same time. The SIGMA Classic + floor with aluminum core ensures a fast distribution of the heat during cooking. It also has the property of storing heat for a long time, so that you can reduce the heat supply at an early stage and thus save energy. The pots are suitable for use on all types of cookers, including induction cookers.

The stylish metal handles make the ZWILLING® Base cooking utensil easy to handle. A lid prevents excessive evaporation of liquid during cooking. The integrated scale helps you with the dimension. Also the pouring of soups or sauces is easy, because the folded edge prevents a dripping. With this functional 3-piece cookware set made of 18/10 stainless steel, you cook particularly energy-saving.

  • Tightly closing, tight-fitting lid saves energy and enables low-water cooking
  • The folded edge allows for precise pouring without dripping
  • The shapely handles made of stainless steel ensure safe handling
  • The finely matted surface creates a particularly elegant appearance
  • All pots are oven proof and can be used in combination with all types of cookers
  • Induction Suitable

Stock pot Base Diameter: 23.8 cm Diameter: 24 cm Height without lid: 14.1 cm Height: 18 cm Induction Compatibility: yes Length: 25.3 cm Volume: 6 l Width: 35.5 cm

Stew pot Base Diameter: 19.8 cm Diameter: 20 cm Height without lid: 10.3 cm Height: 14 cm Induction Compatibility: yes Length: 21.3 cm Volume: 3 l Width: 30.7 cm

Sauce pan without lid Base Diameter: 15.8 cm Diameter: 16 cm Height without lid: 8 cm Height: 12.4 cm Induction Compatibility: yes Length: 17.3 cm Volume: 1.5 l Width: 34.8 cm