Cooking with a cast iron cocotte doesn't only make your kitchen stylish but you are assured to have delicious food all. Just like all Staub's cast iron pots, this cocotte is energy efficient it contains heat and cold temperature for a longer time compared to conventional pots. Cook vegetables or prepare steamed dishes like steamed chicken or fish while stewing or boiling another dish in the pot with the help of the high grade 18/10 stainless steel steamer insert. You can also cook rice in the pot and another steamed dish on top. That's energy efficient!

With heavy lid on, the steamer insert fits perfectly to cover the pot and this ensures the aroma is captured within the pot. Very little moisture can escape as the steamer insert has a silicone seal around it. The constant basting process which is encouraged by the unique lid structure produces juice, tender and intense flavours during cooking. If not needed, the steamer insert can be removed.

The matt black inner enamelling is ideal for particularly crisp searing. Perfect to creating the golden brown crisp layer on meat while keeping it moist. With a heavy lid, the pot is sealed tightly to retain moisture within the dish. For those who want a healtier cooking option, you can cook with very little oil or water. The material do not leach out to the food. If heated up properly, food very almost doesn't stick to the pot despite the lack of oil.

Use this pot to cook or to serve at the table and wow your guests with the intricate design. Staub cocottes can be used on all kinds of cooker, including induction hobs, or even popped in the oven with dishes that need to cook for longer.