The 2 piece set includes a carving knife and meat fork from the FRIODUR® PROFESSIONAL "S" range. The range which is a big favourite among chefs and many home cooks for carving meat. The slender and thin blades of the fork helps to hold and turn the meat while the knife cuts through precisely. The knife and fork works well for both raw and cooked meat.

The FRIODUR® blade with exceptional cutting edge retention has been refined through a special ice-hardening process. It impressively combines high quality and corrosion resistance with incredible flexibility. The chef’s knife is also a SIGMAFORGE® knife. Forged from only a single piece of steel, it is very durable, hard-wearing and ensures optimum cutting performance.

The plastic handle impresses with its three-rivet design with continuous tang as well as its comfortable handling. Even when used for a long time, the chef’s knife remains comfortable to hold.