Boning tasks can be frustrating when you realised you've cut off too much meat or left some hard tendons on the meat. The slim blade with an edge angle 15 degrees per side does the job with ease. This knife from the Professional “S“ range is popular among many professional chefs the world. This series of knife is also known to have an exposed tang which is connected to the handle scales.

Zwilling's special steel manufacturing process has the perfect chromium and carbon content and the FRIODUR® blade is also enhanced by a special ice-hardening technique which makes the boning knife harder and sharper. They will also not stain or chip and can retain their sharpness longer.

The bolster is seamless, ensuring no annoying edges between the handle and the blade. It also provides the right balance and acts as a finger guard. The handle is made of a plain black synthetic material and has three rivets, providing it optimum balance and safe handling. So you have a classic traditional boning knife which is sharp and flexible - a must in any kitchen. It is also at the perfect length at 14 cm.