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Roti Canai

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Roti Canai

Rice & Noodles
Rice & Noodles


Total Time
Total Time
Prep 30 M / Cook 20 M

6 Servings

Grace Teo
Grace Teo   thegraceteo
Published on July 23, 2016

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290 g
wheat flour
160 ml
0.5 tbsp
0.5 tbsp


I call 'roti canai' the Malaysian croissant. It is rather similar due to the flakiness of the layers of oiled dough. It is especially delicious if it is freshly made and dipped in curry dhal or fish and chicken curry. In this simple tutorial, you will learn how to make authentic 'roti canai' any time in the comfort of your home. Fret not, although the flipping process may appears to be tricky, the recipe is actually quite simple.

I have practiced making 'roti canai' multiple times. I must admit it was a mess when started initially. However, practice makes perfect and I definitely improved over time. There is no shortcut to creating this flaky and crispy flat bread. Plus, it would be fun flexing the muscles while flipping the dough. Nevertheless, it would be well worth the effort when you see the outcome of your hard work. You will feel a sense of pride and joy over your accomplishment.

'Roti canai' is delicious even if eaten plain as it is. Top it up with a cup of teh tarik or your favourite cup of beverage. You are bound to love this official breakfast choice of Malaysians.

Roti Canai is also known as: Roti Pratha马来千层饼



Step 1/6

Dilute salt and sugar in water. Mix flour and salt/sugar mixture evenly. Knead dough until smooth.


Step 2/6

Divide dough into 6 small balls. Coat each dough with oil and place them on a plate which had been oiled. Pour 2 tablespoons of oil over the dough. Let dough rest overnight.


Step 3/6

Flatten dough and flip it several times until it expands. Lift the left side of the expanded dough and fold to the right covering 2/3 of the whole surface. Do the same with the right.


Step 4/6

Pinch the tip of the dough and gently pull the dough off the working surface. Swirl dough to form a circle and press gently.


Step 5/6

Sprinkle some oil on the dough before letting the dough rest for 3-5 minutes. Flatten dough once more. Place it on a pan heated at medium heat.


Step 6/6

Once 'roti canai' lightly browns or is crispy, remove from pan and give it a light 'clap'. Serve with curry, dhal, sugar or enjoy it plain.

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