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Glutinous Rice Balls

Kuih Ee Tong Yuen Tang Yuen 湯圓

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An Asian dessert often served with sweet syrup. Enjoyed during the Winter Solstice Festival.

Winter Solstice Festival is regarded as the beginning of a new year and and celebrated widely by the Chinese community. The round glutinous rice balls symbolize family unity. It is even more meaningful to have the whole family gathered together to make these glutinous rice balls. This dessert is also served to the bridal couple during weddings. Traditionally, these glutinous rice balls are made without any filling. In recent years, many types of flavours such as peanuts, kaya (coconut jam) or black sesame have surfaced. Nonetheless, I am very much conservative when it comes to the originality of this dessert which is to have it plain. However, I do admit that I am quite smitten with those that consist of black sesame, after trying them! If you are planning to make this a day before, place them on a layer of plastic wrap. Cover the plate of glutinous rice balls with another layer of plastic wrap to prevent them from drying up. The chewy texture and sweet syrup makes this dessert refreshing especially if served chilled.

  Klebrige Reisbällchen ist auch auf deutsch verfügbar.


  • 50 grams black sesame seeds
  • 15 grams butter
  • 15 grams nuts
  • 20 grams sugar
  • 100 grams glutinous rice flour
  • food coloring
  • water
  • 2 pandan leaves

Steps to Prepare

  1. Toast black sesame seeds and nuts until they are fragrant. They should produce a faint nutty smell.
  2. Blend the black sesame seeds, nuts and sugar until even.
  3. Mix butter into the mixture.
  4. Roll black sesame filling into small balls. Set aside.
  5. To make the dough, knead water and flour.
  6. Optionally, separate dough and add a few drops of different food colouring to each portion.
  7. Roll the dough into small balls or fill them with the black sesame mixture.
  8. Prepare syrup by boiling water, pandan leaves and sugar.
  9. Once it boils, add the glutinous rice balls and cook till they float.

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