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Lychee Soda

Air Laici Soda

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Lychee Soda is a sweet and refreshing fruity drink you can count on in quenching your thirst.

Back in Malaysia, a refreshing cold drink is always welcome due to the blazing hot weather. Much as we enjoy warm and spicy dishes, quenching our thirst with cold drinks or desserts is also the norm. It is easy to love this drink because of the sweetness of the lychees. That is why they are widely used to make all sorts of desserts. In Germany, lychee is somehow associated with Asia and is often served as a dessert at the end of a typical "germanized" Asian buffet. I, on the other hand, have fond memories of this drink being one of my favourites. I love it for its refreshing sweetness. Ever since I came to Germany, I got a little influenced by the locals adding soda water to their drinks (eg: juices). Admittedly, It does make the drink taste good, though! I am definitely sure that you are going to like this drink especially when it is enjoyed under the blazing hot sun. Prepare this for a barbecue, picnic or on a day at the beach.

  Litschi-Limonade ist auch auf deutsch verf├╝gbar.


  • 1 cans lychees
  • mint leaves
  • sugar
  • water
  • water (carbonated)
  • ice cubes

Steps to Prepare

  1. Melt sugar with water at low heat.
  2. When sugar has melted, let it cool till room temperature.
  3. Add lychees and its syrup into glass. The syrup enhances the taste of the drink.
  4. Tear some mint leaves and add to drink.
  5. Add carbonated plain water or soda. If soda is used, skip the usage of sugar as it is already sweet.
  6. Add melted sugar to taste.
  7. For a cold and refreshing drink, add some ice cubes.

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