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Kuih Tako Pandan

This is my favourite and must have “kuih” during the month of Ramadan. During this month, food markets are usually available in the evening. This is when I will usually hunt for Kuih Tako. Soft and crunchy at the same time, it is an absolute favourite!

Fried Kuih Bakul

Easily found in Malaysian night markets, Kuih Bakul is always a treat to everyone who loves fried and sweet food. Usually fried together with taro and sweet potatoes, this combination is a sensation! Watch the recipe video for steamed Kuih Bakul.

Steamed Kuih Bakul

A simple way of preparing kuih bakul. Simply coated with grated coconut or desiccated coconut, kuih bakul can easily be a fantastic dessert or snack. Watch the recipe video where I prepare Kuih Bakul.

Kuih Bakul

A special cake eaten during Chinese New Year and a very interesting story behind this cake, Kuih Bakul. It’s sticky, sweet and definitely a treat to all! Gong xi fa cai to all.